Haematologia, 1986

Haematologia, 19 - 1986. ISSN 0017-6559


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1986 / 1. szám Soulier, J. P. - Gozin, D. - Lefrére, J. J.: Assay of des-gamma-carboxyprothrombin using staphylocoagulase. Application to the diagnosis of cellular hepatocarcinoma Bandman, U. - Norberg, B. - Eriksson, S.: PMN migration measured by bottom filter counts in modified Boyden chambers. Chemokinetic deactivation and vinblastine inhibition of chemotaxis Hilgartner, M. W.: Current treatment of patients with inhibitors to Factor VIII Pick, J. - Anh-Tuan, N. - Mód, A. - Hollán, S.: Ganglioside composition in common acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Vicente, V. - Alberca, I. - Gonzalez, R. - Alegre, A. - Redondo, C. - Moro, J.: New congenital deficiency of high molecular weight kininogen and prekallikrein (Fitzgerald trait). Study of response to DDAVP and venous occlusion Svarch, E. - González, A. - Villaescusa, R. - Basanta, P.: Plasma exchange for acute cholestasis in homozygous sickle cell disease Obituary Abstracts Book Review 1986 / 2. szám Rabinovici, Sarah S. - Mell, H. C. - Williams, M. C.: Time-evolution of erythrocyte physico-chemical properties in blood stored at different temperatures Lichtiger, B. - Hester, J. P.: Transfusion of Rh-incompatible blood components to cancer patients Kopff, M. - Zakrzewska, I. - Klem, J. - Zachara, B.: Effect of dipyridamole on adenosine incorporation into hypoxanthine nucleotides of fresh human red cells Borbényi, Z. - Varga, Gy. - Krizsa, F. - Cserháti, I.: Prognostic factors in dysmyelopoietic syndromes Vezendi, K. - Krizsa, F. - Szabó, I. - Cserháti, I.: The effect of platelet homogenate fractions on megakaryocytopoiesis in the mouse Iacopino, P. - Comis, M. - Callea, V. - Martino, B. - Latella, C. - Abenavoli, M. R. - Neri, A.: Acute leukemia with lymphoid/myeloid cell populations (hybrid leukemia). Case Reports Pagano, L. - Marra, R. - Storti, S. - De Stefano, V. - Bizzi, B.: Cerebrospinal fluid Beta-2-microglobulin level as marker of central nervous system involvement in lymphoma Prokocimer, M. - Koeffler, H. P.: Induction of granulocyte differentiation in a human leukemia cell line does not require cell division Nikolova, Elelna B.: Examination of two anti-HLA-DR-like monoclonal antibodies Serafimov-Dimitrov, V.: Quantitative problems in bone marrow transplantation by peripheral blood stem cells Csató, E. - Vass, J.: Frequency of non-secretor types among stomach cancer patients Fohlmeister, I. - Stratmann, F. - Höck, A. - Reis, H. E.: Acute megakaryotic myelosis preceded by myelodysplasia. Report of a case and review of the literature Obituary Abstracts 1986 / 3. szám Brenner, M. K. - Grob, J. P. - Prentice, H. G.: The use of monoclonal antibodies in graft versus host disease prevention Baudin, V. - Pagnier, J. - Labie, D. - Girot, R. - Wajcman, H.: Heterogeneity of sickle call disease as shown by density profiles: effects of fetal hemoglobin and alpha thalassemia Villaescusa, R. - Santos, M. N. - Espinosa, E. - Hernández, P.: Circulating immune complexes in sickle cell anaemia Horányi, M. - Földi, J. - Szelényi, J. G. - Hollán, S. R. - István, L. - Orkin, S. H.: First occurrence of HB H in Hungary Német, K. - Andrássy, K. - Bognár, K. - Czappán, P. - Stuber, A. - Simonovits, I.: Relationship between maternal find infant iron stores: 1. Full terms infants Ember, I. - Oláh, É. - Balogh, E. - Arany, I. - Rády, P. - Mátyus, L. - Thomázy, V. - Kertai, P.: Transplantation of chemically induced mouse leukaemia into newborn F344 rats Storch, H. - Püschel, W. - Raabe, F. - Schmidt, F.: Primary lymph node plasmocytoma of IGD-class 1986 / 4. szám Jacobs, A. - Wagstaff, M.: Ferritin expression in transformed human haemopoietic cell lines Moore, B. P. L.: Good laboratory practice before and after blood transfusion Raftos, J. E. - Chapman, B. E. - Kuchel, P. W. - Lovric, V. A. - Stewart, I. M.: Intra- and extraerythrocyte pH at 37°C and during long term storage at 4°C: 31P NMR measurements and an electrochemical model of system Taylor, J. J.: Hypercalcaemia in "non-secretory' myeloma Uciński, W. S. - Naskalski, J. W.: Cyclic 3':5'-adenosine monophosphate phosphodiesterase and cyclic 3':5'-guanosine monophosphate phosphodiesterase of normal granulocytes and granulocytes of chronic myelogenous leukaemia Naskalski, J. W. - Uciński, W. S.: Correlation of granulocyte intracellular activities of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterases with leukocyte count in patients with chronic myelogenous leukaemia Krasznai, A. - Arányi, P. - Fehér, T. - Krajcsi, P. - Mészáros, K. - Horváth, I.: Alterations in the number of glucocorticoid receptors of circulating lymphocytes in sepsis Krasznai, A. - Krajcsi, P. - Arányi, P. - Mészáros, K. - Horváth, I.: Decreased number of steroid receptors of circulating lymphocytes in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis Abstracts Contents of Volume 19 Author Index Subject Index Announcements

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Additional Information: Haematologia : international quarterly of haematology, Vol. 19. (1986)
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