Haematologia, 1985

Haematologia, 18 - 1985. ISSN 0017-6559


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1985 / 1. szám Német, K. - Simonovits, I.: The biological role of lactoferrin Révész, T. - Kardos, G. - Koós, R. - Vargha, M. - Kabos, S. - Szollár, J. - Schuler, D.: Acute myeloid leukemia in childhood: 10 year experience of treatment in Hungary Bláha, M.: To the question of leukaemia transmission from man to man by means of parenteral application of leukaemic blood: report of a case and survey of the literature Kövesi, Gy. - Fekete, B.: Humoral leukocyte adherence inhibition (H-LAI) with basic encephalitogenic protein (BEP) in head and neck cancer Valbonesi, M. - Montani, F. - Mosconi, L. - Zerbi, D. - Beltramelli, A. - Florio, G.: A critical approach to therapeutic apheresis in the management of inflammatory dysimmune polyneuropathies Přistoupil, T. I. - Kramlová, M. - Fortová, H. - Ulrych, S.: Haemoglobin lyophilized with sucrose: The effect of residual moisture on storage Berger, J.: Haematological findings in the rat following administration of nephrotoxic doses of mercury chloride Obituary Abstracts Book Reviews 1985 / 2. szám Vermeer, C. - de Boer-Van Den Berg, Marian: Vitamin K-Dependent Carboxylase Bird, G. W. G. - Wingham, J. - Richardson, S. G. N.: Myelofibrosis, Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia and Tn-Polyagglutinability Lukács, Katalin - Kávai, Mária - Berényi, E. - Frendl, Gy. - Schrőder, I. - Szegedi, Gy.: Effect of Dialysable Leukocyte Extract on the Mononuclear Leukocytes in Hodgkin's Disease Gingold, N. - Dosius, Liliana - Berceanu, S.: Bone Marrow Patterns in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia Related to Various Clinical and Haematological Findings. A Preliminary Report Farbiszewski, R. - Sokół, A.: The Heparin Binding Proteins of Sarcoma Induced by Methylcholantrene in Rats Rybarska, Janina - Bobrzecka Krystyna - Konieczny, L.: Electrochromatographic Analysis of Abnormal Serum Proteins ICSH/ICTH announcement Book Review Abstracts 1985 / 3. szám Popp, W. - Vollert, H.: Methods of strategic planning for blood services Kothe, K. - Stobbe, H. - Gola, G. - Wagenknecht, C.: Isoenzymes in plasma of acute leukaemia patients: prevention of anthracycline cardiomyopathy Szegedi, Gy. - Lukács, K. - Bodolay, E. - Gulácsi, L. - Sonkony, I. - Szabó, Gy. - Szöllősi, J.: Inhibitory effect of monocyte reactive antibodies on monocyte chemotaxis in systemic lupus erythematosus Matolcsy, A. -- Magyarlaki, T. - Baliko, Z. - Tornoczky, J.: T-lymphocytes bearing fc-receptors for IgG in B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Berger, J.: Screening of toxic-haemolytic anaemia in laboratory rats: A model of phenlyhydrazine-induced haemolysis Mouse, M. E. - Nimkhedkar, K. - Kumar, V. - Jain, S. L.: Coexistence of red cell aplasia and autoimmune haemolytic anaemia in a family Tauszik, T. - Friss, Á. - Gyódi, É. - Santora, Zs. - Takács, S. - Kotvász, Á. - Tóth, M. A. - Horváth, M. - Tarján, L. - Petrányi, Gy. - Hollán, S. R. - Simonovits, I.: Genetic polymorphism of the Gypsy population in Hungary as based on studies of red blood cell antigens Abstracts 1985 / 4. szám Petri, I. - Csajbók, E. - Kiss, É. - Szenohradszky, P. - Kaiser, G. - Gál, Gy.: Steroid sensitivity of chronic uraemic and renal transplant patients measured by the antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity reaction Laczkó, J. - Szabolcs, M. - Jóna, I.: Vesicle release from erythrocytes during storage and failure of rejuvenation to restore cell morphology Lombarts, A. J. P. F. - Goslinga, H. - Heuvelmans, J. H. A. - Leijnse, B.: Comparison of the rheological behaviour of hemocytometry controls and fresh patient EDTA-anticoagulated blood specimens Siklós, P. - Németh-Csóka, Á. - Bartalis, L. - Ungár, L. - Hercz, P. - Garam, T.: Cytotoxic activity of peripheral mononuclear cells in normal pregnancy Reiss, R. F. - Atamer, M. A. - Waldman, A. A.: Granulocyte enriched buffy coat transfusions in neutropenic patients Obituary ISBT Announcement Abstracts Content of Volume 18 Author Index Subject Index Spotlights (meetings, congresses)

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Additional Information: Haematologia : international quarterly of haematology, Vol. 18. (1985)
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