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Haematologia, 15 - 1982. ISSN 0017-6559


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1982 / 1. szám Antonini, E. - Brunori, M. - Giardina, B. - Benedetti, P. A. - Grassi, S. - Gualtieri, P.: Kinetics of reactions within single erythrocytes: Studies by microspectrophotometry Lewis, S. M.: Aims and scope of standardization in haematology Huestis, D. W.: Leukapheresis and granulocyte transfusion Sandler, S. G. - Nusbacher, J.: Health risks of leukapheresis donors Bilich, G. L. - Nazarova, L. V. - Sungurova, E. V.: The enzymatic status of circulating lymphocytes as an index of the regenerative process in the lungs under stimulation with pyrimidine and purine derivatives. A clinical experimental study Szász, I. - Sarkadi, B. - Gárdos, G.: Operation of the Ca-dependent K(Rb)-transport in human lymphocytes Lelkes, G. - Lelkes, Gy. - Hollán, S. R.: Freeze-fracture study of the red cells and red cell precursors of a patient with congenital inclusion body anaemia Révész, T. - Kardos, G. - Vargha, M. - Schuler, D.: The treatment of childhood leukaemia in Hungary Abai, A. M. - Fekete, B.: Immunological monitoring in lung cancer: Use of the leukocyte migration inhibition assay Carapella, E. - Gloria-Bottini, F. - Tucciarone, L. - Orzalesi, M. - Bottini, E.: Annotations on the hyperbilirubinaemia of ABO incompatible infants Brojer, E. - Źupańska, B. - Michalewska, B.: Adherence to human monocytes of red cells from autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and red cells sensitized with alloantibodies Book Reviews Abstracts 1982 / 2. szám Blum, H. E. - Vyas, G. N.: Non-A, non-B hepatitis: A contemporary assessment Bird, G. W. G.: Administrative aspects of the preparation and issue of blood and its components Hervé, P.: Cryopreservation of human platelets. General protocols, development of freezing techniques and clinical applications Rácz, Z.: Beneficial effect of delayed washing on the quality of frozen-thawed red cell concentrate Feuerstein, H. - Stibenz, D.: Banking-related decline of erythrocyte N-acetyl-neuraminic acid and phospholipids Boogaerts, M. A. - Verwilghen, R.: Variants of congenital dyserythropoietic anaemia: An update Pennec, Y. - Mottier, D. - Youinou, P. - Asselain, B. - Miossec, P. - Le Goff, P. - Le Prise, P. Y. - Le Menn, G.: Analysis of criteria in staging in multiple myeloma Żupańska, B. - Maślanka, K.: A comparison of Fc-receptor-bearing lymphocytes in normal individuals and in patients with lymphoproliferative diseases, using EA tests with rabbit and human-sensitizing antibodies Abstracts News Items 1982 / 3. szám Frisch, B. - Bartl, R. - Burkhardt, R.: Bone marrow biopsy in clinical medicine: An overview Williams, C. K. O. - Fernbach, B. - Cuttner, J. - Holland, J. F. - Essien, E. M.: Management of leukaemia-associated disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) Koubek, K. - Lukášová, M.: Eosinophilia of obscure aetiology. Study of antigenic properties Tomasiak, A. - Tomasiak, M. - Bańkowski, E.: Stimulatory effect of blood platelet factor(s) on glycolysis in cell cultures Nikitin, Yu. P. - Zhuravskaya, E. Ya.: Fibrinolytic activity of leukocytes in atherosclerotic patients Lajos, J.: In vitro investigation of Rh antibodies in pregnant women Book Reviews Abstracts News Items 1982 / 4. szám Meryman, H. T.: Cryopreservation of blood cells and other tissues: Current status Kan, Y. W.: Thalassemia and abnormal hemoglobins Spaet, T. H.: Platelets and atherogenesis Jaffé, E. R.: Hereditary disorders of erythrocytes associated with enzyme deficiencies Miwa, S.: Hereditary disorders of enzymes in the Embden-Meyerhof pathway of glycolysis Paglia, D. E. - Valentine, W. N.: Hereditary disorders of erythrocyte enzymes in non-glycolytic metabolic pathways Jaffé, E. R.: Enzymopenic hereditary methemoglobinemia Jacobasch, G. - Bleiber, R. - Schönian, G.: Metabolism of the hexose monophosphate shunt in glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency and closely interrelated reactions Pruzanski, W. - Armstrong, M. - Ko, H. - Norman, C. - Minta, J.: Reactivity of cold agglutinins with subsets of human lymphocytes of various origins Clarke, C. A.: The prevention of Rhesus haemoytic disease: The present position Eklund, J.: Prevention of Rhesus haemolytic disease in Finland Földi, J. - Szelényi, J. G. - Hollán, S. R.: Nonenzymatic glycosylation of normal and abnormal haemoglobin alpha chains The Joint Meeting of the 19th Congress of the International Society of Haematology and the 17th Congress of the International Society of Blood Transfusion, Budapest, August 1-7, 1982 Index of Volume 15 Author Index Subject Index

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Additional Information: Haematologia : international quarterly of haematology, Vol. 15. (1982)
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