Haematologia, 1981

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1981 / 1. szám Hollán, S. R.: Editorial. Training of blood transfusion teams Krizsa, F. - Vezendi, K. - Varga, G. - Cserháti, I.: Effect of platelet homogenate on platelet production of bone-marrow-transplanted mice A. V. Karaulov et al.: Immunological, Cytochemical and Cytological Study of Lymphocytes in Neoplastic and Hypoplastic States of Haemopoiesis Frydecka, I. - Harłozisńka, A. - Kotlarek-Haus, S.: Nonsecretory multiple myeloma Phan Thi Phi Phi - Nedelkova, M. - Serafimov-Dimitrov, V.: Function and role of peritoneal macrophages in experimental leukaemia Hernández, P. - Dorticós, E. - Ustariz, C. - García, M. - Ballester, J. M.: Sarcoidosis associated with autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria red cell abnormality Mód, A. - Füst, G. - Harsányi, V. - Natonek, K. - Poros, A. - Szabó, J. - Hollán, S. R.: Plasmapheresis in patients with leukaemia, multiple myeloma and immunce complex diseases Risberg, Bo.: Formation of debris in stored human blood Kozma, L. - Endrődi, I. - Stenszky, V.: Clinical relevance of cytotoxic antibodies occurring in pregnancy Workshop on "Structure of Immunoglobulins and Triggering of Effector Functions", Visegrád (Hungary), 27-30 April 1980 Gergely, J.: Introduction Zav'yalov, V. P.: Physico-chemical investigations of immunoglobulin structure in solution Závodszky, V. P. - Abramov, V. M. - Ivannikov, A. I. - Loseva, O. I. - Dudich, I. V. - Dudich, E. I. - Tishenko, V. M. - Khechinashvili, N. N. - Franěk, F. - Medgyesi, G. - Závodszky, P. - Jaton, J.-C.: Correspondence between structrue and function of immunoglobulin subclasses Konieczny, L. - Bobrzecka, K. - Laidler, P. - Rybarska, J.: The combination of IgM subunits and proteolytic IgG fragments by controlled formation of interchain disulphides Mauricas, M. - Tamošiunas, V.: Evidence of surface immunoglobulin as leukemia-associated cell surface antigens Niezgódka, M. - Mikulska, J. - Ugorski, M. - Boratyński, J. - Lisowski, J.: Studies on properties of the human placental membrane receptor for IgG Käiväräinen, A.: Changes of the dynamic properties of antibodies and theri subunits induced by hapten. Evidence for important role of interaction of proteins with water Olšovská, Z. - Franěk, F.: Peptic fragmentation of pig antibodies Zikán, J. - Dráber, P. - Vojtišková, M.: Immunochemical characterization of IgG3 antibodies against Thy 1.2 antigen produced by mouse hybridoma Noll, F. - Lutsch, G. - Bielka, H.: Structure of IgG and IgY in ribosome-antibody complexes as studied by electron microscopy Book Reviews Abstracts 1981 / 2. szám Sarkadi, B. - Szász, I. - Gárdos, G.: Calcium and calmodulin in the regulation of blood cell functions. A mini-review Schneiberg, K. - Rytwiński, K. - Tabeńska, J.: Adoptive immunotherapy and combined chemo-immunotherapy in transplantable leukaemia of AKR mice (TAL): occurrence of natural killers Beutler, E. - West, C.: Ferritin in cultured fibroblasts from patients with idiopathic hemochromatosis Lelkes, Gy. - Lelkes, G. - Hollán, S. R.: Abnormal granulation and crystal-like structures in the erithroid cells in a case of multiple myeloma Šulc, K. - Koblyka, P. - Neuwirt, J. - Trávniček, T.: Transplantation of bone marrow cells with changed haemoglobin type Gluckman, E. - Papon, L. - Hors, J. - Devergie, M. - Busson, J. - Gony, J. - Dausset, J.: HLA markers in patients suffering from aplastic anaemia Carapella-De Luca, E. - Stegagno, M.: Blood transfusion therapy in the newborn Szelényi, J. G. - Horányi, M. - Hollán, S. R.: A new method for detecting haemoglobins with decreased stability: Tryptic digestibility test Haskó, F. - Vassilyeva, R.: Fractionation of plasma proteins with PEG Faludi, E. - Harsányi, V.: The effect of Na3-citrate on the solubility of cryoprecipitate (Citrate effect on cryoprecipitate) Poros, A. - Hollán, S. R. - Natonek, K. - Lelkes, G. - Gyódi, É.: T acute lymphoblastic leukaemia with breast tumour. A brief report Abstracts News Item 1981 / 3. szám Hollán, S. R.: An appreciation Biography of J. Dausset Waldenström, J.: The porphyrias - A review Rosenfield, R. E. - Diamond, S. H.: Diagnosis and treatment of the immune hemolytic anemias Moe, P. J. - Seip, M. - Finne, P. H.: Intermediate dose methotrexate (IDM) in childhood acute lymphocytic leukaemia in Norway. Report on a National Treatment Program Moore, B. P. L.: Antibody detection and identification by Auto Analyzer haemagglutination systems Zachara, B. - Zakrzewska, I. - Maziarz, Z. - Gaszyński, W. - Wachowicz, N.: Concentration of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and adenosine triphosphate in erythrocytes following acute blood loss in the beagle Lelkes, G. - Lelkes, Gy. - Natonek, K. - Hollán, S. R.: Intracellular "labyrinths" in acute leukaemia. Do they indicate the maturational ability of leukaemic cells? Német, K. - Andrássy, K. - Mann, V. - Füzes, E. - Kocsár, L. - Simonovits, I.: Iron stores in healthy pregnant women as determined by immunoradiometry of their serum ferritin levels Wutke, K. - Várbíró, M. - Rüdiger, K.-D. - Kelényi, G.: Cytological and histological calssification of multiple myeloma Book Review Abstracts 1981 / 4. szám Machovich, R. - Horváth, I.: Thrombin and haemostasis: regulation of the biological functions of thrombin (Facts and perspectives) Aviel, A. - Nir, E.: Cytomorphology and lysosomal enzyme activity of the haemopoietic and reticuloendothelial system of the SJL/J mouse Kotelba-Witkowska, B. - Żupańska, B. - Brojer, E. - Daszyński, J. - Gaczkowski, A.: Predictive value of lymphocytotoxic test and platelet aggregometry for the effect of transfused platelet concentrates Ramos, O. F. - Morón, E. C. - De Castro Arenas, R.: Platelet function abnormalities in acute leukaemia Głowiński, S. - Worowski, K.: The haemostatic system components of neointima forming in polyester aortic grafts in the early postoperative period Vygovskaya, Y. I. - Loginsky, V. E. - Vorobel, A. V. - Kondratieva, N. A. - Mazurok, A. A. - Korotky, V. V. - Kotsay, B. R.: Lycurim (R-74) in the therapy of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Berger, J.: Changes in marrow myelopoietic and lymphoid cell counts after repeated cyclophosphamide administration in the rat Fekete, B. - Sachno, L. - Tamássy, K. - Pál, A. - Angyal, I. - Forrai, I.: Inhibition of antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC) by normal and pathological sera from patients with advanced lung cancer Żupańska, B. - Sylwestrowicz, T. - Pawelski, S.: The results of prolonged treatment of atuoimmune haemolytic aneamia Abstracts of Selectec Papers Presented at the XIth Conference on Membrane Transport Book Reviews Abstracts News Items Errata Index to Volume 14 Author Index Subject Index

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