Haematologia, 1980

Haematologia, 13 - 1980. ISSN 0017-6559


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1980 / 1-4. szám Hollán, S. R.: An appreciation Biography of J. J. van Loghem Selected publications of J. J. van Loghem Blood Group Serology and Genetics Marcelli-Barge, A. - Strecker, G. - Poirier, J. C. - Dausset, J.: An immunochemical study of the lymphocyte A, Atri system Greenwalt, T. J. - Steane, E. A.: Evaluation of methods for quantitating erythrocyte antibodies and description of a new method using horseradish peroxidase-labelled antiglobulin Mohn, J. F. - Witebsky, E.: Heteroimmunogenicity of human salivary blood group A substance in rabbits Masouredis, S. P. - Sudora, E. - Mahan, L. C. - Victoria, E. J.: Immunoelectron microscopy of Kell and Cellano antigens on red cell ghosts Nevanlinna, H. R.: Genetic markers in Finland Spielmann, W. - Kühnl, P.: The efficacy of modern blood group genetics with regard to a case of probable superfecundation Platelet-, HLA- and Ubiquitous Tissue Antigens Engelfriet, C. P.: The Zwa antigen and its significance today Décary, F. - Malette, M.: Alloimmune neonatal thrombocytopenia: Platelet antibody detection using the indirect immunofluorescence test (IIFT) Mayr, W. R. - Kirnbauer, M. - Mayr, D.: A new HLA-C antigen: T8 Carapella-de Luca, E. - Purpura, M. - Coghi, I. - Nicotra, M. - Bottini, E.: Blood groups and histocompatibility antigens in habitual abortion Penner, E. - Kano, K. - Milgrom, F.: Release of a microsomal antigen following renal transplantation Contact Activation Soulier, J. P. - Gozin, D.: Contact activation of prekallikrein and of fibrinolysis by heparinoids and heparin Blood Banking, Cell Concentrates and Plasma Derivatives Rosenfield, R. E.: The future of hospital blood banking Högman, C. F. - Arro, E. - Hedlund, K.: Red blood cell preservation in protein-poor media. 2. Studies of changes in red cell shape during storage Seidl, S. - Kilp, M.: The current status of platelet and granulocyte transfusions Lundsgaard-Hansen, P.: A blood components program for the treatment of surgical haemorrhage and its potential for national supplies of albumin and factor VIII Hässig, A.: The provision of plasma for the derivatives program of the Swiss Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service O'Riordan, J. P.: Current concepts in the utilization and provision of human albumin Immunology van Loghem, E.: Genetically determined deficiencies in IgA and IgG Eijsvoogel, V. P.: Human lymphocyte reactivity in vitro: Toy or Tool? Astaldi, A.: Thymocyte maturation induced by a thymus-dependent serum factor Munoz, J. - Virella, G. - Arala-Chaves, M. P. - Fudenberg, H. H.: Measurement of extracellular immunoglobulins as an index of B cell function Peetom, F. - Florey, M. J.: Lymphocyte marker testing in relation to the clinical use of dialyzed leukocyte extract containing transfer factor (DLE-LTF) Gergely, J. - Sármay, G. - Sándor, M. - Liszka, K. - Schrett, J. - Erdei, A.: Fc receptors of human peripheral mononuclear cells Levine, Ph.: The self-nonself concept as a basis for immune complex to replace "autoimmune diseases" Hollán, S. R. - Füst, G. - Mód, A. - Puskás, É. - Nguyen Chi Phi: Studies on the composition and elimination of circulating immune complexes in leukaemia Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology Author Index Subject Index

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Additional Information: Haematologia : international quarterly of haematology, Vol. 13. (1980)
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