Haematologia, 1991

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1991 / 1. szám Storek, J. - Nepomucka, J. - Kobylka, P. - Sejkorova, J.: Intermittent-flow versus continuousflow mononuclear cell apheresis Shimamoto, Y. - Matsuzaki, M. - Ono, K. - Sano, M. - Yamaguchi, M.: Combination therapy of M2-protocol and Interferon-# as remission induction in refractory multiple myeloma Phan, D. T. - Ha, N. T. V. - Thuc, L. T. - Diet, N. H. - Phu, L. V. - Ninh, L. Y. - An, V. T.: Some changes in immunity and blood in relation to clinical states of dengue hemorrhagic fever patients in Vietnam Storek, J. - Nepomucka, J. - Kobylka, P. - Sejkorova, J.: Blood count changes due to mononuclear cell apheresis Matolcsy, A. - Izer, I. - Magyarlaki, T. - Baranyay, F.: Enzyme negative blastic transformation of chronic myeloproliferative disorders: Immunophenotyping of the blastic cell population Soligo, D. - Luksch, R. - Quirici, N. - Foa, P. - Moneta, D. - Somalvoco, F. - Lambertenghi Deliliers, G.: Immunohistochemical evaluation of bone marrow biopsies in myelodysplastic syndrome Czink, E. - Horváth, Cs. - Malek, A. A. - Siklósi, Gy.: Is dehydroepiandrosterone-sulphate a possible pathogenetic factor in osteopenia of patients with iron overload? Abstracts Correction 1991 / 2. szám Eliopoulos, G. - Coulocheri, S. - Eliopoulos, A. - Vaiopoulos, G. - Tsantali, C. - Anagnou, N.: Impaired production of GM CSA in bone marrow and peripheral blood monocytes in two patients with severe congenital neutropenia Cabart, P. - Kalousek, I. - Jandova, D.: Expression of chromosomal protein HMG-1 in transformed and normal human cells El-Khatib, Y. - Gidáli, J. - Fehér, I. - Mód, A. - Poros, A. - Hollán, S.: Growth kinetics and blast-colony forming cell binding capacity of stromal cells in various haematological malignancies Pálóczy, K. - Pócsik, É. - Kotlán, B. - Ujhelyi, E. - Timár, L. - Petrányi, G. Gy.: The pattern of activation antigen expression on T-lymphocyte subpopulation in infectious mononucleosis Demeter, J. - Mihalik, R. - Benczúr, M. - Lehoczky, D. - Pálóczi, K.: Characterization of T lymphocyte subsets in hairy cell leukaemia: Influence of splenectomy and correlations with the clinical stage of the disease Anagnou, N. P. - Papnicolaou, N. - Fessas, PH.: Recurrent attacks of hemolytic uremic syndrome Thavaraj, V. - Singh, Y. - Choudhary, V. P. - Saraya, A. K.: Congenital Factor XIII deficiency. A family report Colovic, M. - Basara, N. - Vuckovic, S. - Jankovic, G. - Suvajdzic, N. - Stosic, T. - Rolovic, Z.: Dysmegakaryocytopoiesis and thrombocytosis in a patient with acute myelomonocytic leukemia and long evolution Sartori, M. T. - Mares, M. - Girolami, A.: Portal vein thrombosis in a patient with severe haemophilia A and post-hepatitis liver cirrhosis Obituary Abstracts 1991 / 3. szám Kalmanti, M. - Kalmantis, Th. - Liacopoulou, Th. - Tsoumakas, K. - Ladis, V. - Kattamis, C.: Serum erythropoietin in regularly transfused thalassemic patients Famodu, A. A. - Ehigiegba, A. E. - Fakoya, T. A. - Adeyi, J. - Diejomach, F. M. E.: Effects of oral contraceptive on Fibrinogen Levels in African Women Demeter, J. - Mihalik, R. - Benczúr, M. - Lehoczky, D. - Pálóczi, K.: Peripheral blood leukocyte subpopulations a long time after posttraumatic splenectomy Sasaki, R. - Yuasa, Y. - Bollum, F. J. - Minowada, J. - Miura, Y. - Takaku, F.: Quantitative assay of terminel deoxynucleotidyl transferase (TdT) activity using monoclonal antibodies Choubisa, S. L.: Abnormal haemoglobins, thalassaemia and G-6-PD enzyme deficiency in Rajasthan (Western-India) Hollán, S.: Molecular genetics - New horizons in haematology Abstracts Announcement 1991 / 4. szám Sandler, S. G. - Fang, C.: Preventing transfusion-transmitted infections. Issues related to migrating populations and increasing world travel Fibach, E. - Rachmilewitz, E. A.: A two-step liquid culture - A novel culture procedure for studying erythroid cell development Bernard, J.: Ethics and haematology Ghosh, K. - Abdul Rahman H. I. - Torres, E. C. - Abdul Wahab, A. - Hassanein, A. A.: Report of the first case of pyrimidine 5'-nucleotidase deficiency from Kuwait detected by a screening tsts. A case report Rudzka, E. - Holowiecki, J. - Kachel, L. - Lawniczek, T. - Pajak, J.: Skin manifestation of extramedullary relapse in adult with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Caenazzo, A. - Pietrogrande, F. - Polato, G. - Piva, E. - Sartori, D. - Girolami, A.: Decreased platelet mitogenic activity in patients with diabetes mellitus Obituary Abstracts Index to Volume 24 Author Index Subject Index

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