Haematologia, 1989

Haematologia, 22 - 1989. ISSN 0017-6559


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1989 / 1. szám Mirčevová, L. - Viktora, L. - Řehačková, H.: Dual effect of calcium on erythrocyte membrane Czokało, M. - Tomasiak, M.: Alpha-fetoprotein inhibits aggregation of human platelets Selypes, A. - László, A. - Virág, I.: Chromosome examinations on a six-hour culture of peripheral blood from a patient with childhood leukaemia Phan, D. T. - Mihalik, R. - Benczur, M. - Pálóczi, K. - Gidáli, J. - Fehér, I. - Dömötöri, J. - Kiss, Cs. - Petrányi, G. Gy. - Natonek, K. - Hollán, S. R.: Human fetal liver as a valuable source of haemopoietic stem cells for allogeneic bone marrow transplantation El-Hazmi, M. A. F. - Warsy, A. S.: Glutathione reductase in the south-western province of Saudi-Arabia - Genetic variation vs. acquired deficiency Berceanu, S. - Roman, S. - Butoianu, E. - Leahu, S. - Gabrielescu, E. - Olinescu, A. - Moldoveanu, E. - Moraru, I.: A particular case of large granular lymphocytes lymphoma Csató, E. - Vass, E.: Frequency of Lewis-group substances in patients with cancer of stomach Abstracts 1989 / 2. szám Weitberg, A. B.: The effect of alkaline phosphatase on platelet aggregation Brunori, M. - Coletta, M. - Bellelli, A. - Evangelista, P. A. - Benedetti, P. A. - Brumen, M.: Microspectroscopy of red blood cells Van Waarde, A. - Lombarts, A. - van den Thillart, G. - Erkelens, C. - Lugtenburg, J.: 31P NMR studies on rejuvenation of outdated red blood cells: complete regeneration of ATP is accompanied by partial Mg-ATP recomplexation Rácz, Z. - Haskó, F.: Room temperature storage of pooled platelet concentrates in gaspeprmeable plastic bags for five days Kramer, J. - Thiry, E. - Füst, G.: Rapid determination of the human complement factor B phenotypes Gamba, G. - Ippoliti, G. - Invernizzi, R. - Gatti, V. - Zocchi, M. T. - Perugini, O.: Cytochemical profile of lymphocytes in haemophilia patients at risk of AIDS Maslanka, K. - Lucas, G. F. - Gronkowska, A. - Davis, J. G. - Zupanska, B.: A second case of neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia associated with anti-PlA2 antibodies Altankov, G. - Smilenov, L.: Effect of plasma fibronectin on the adhesive properties of human peripheral lymphocytes Abstracts Announcements 1989 / 3. szám Petri, I. - Gyódi, É. - Kaiser, G. - Kassai, M. - Petrányi, G. Gy.: Dynamism of the development of "Fc receptor-blocking antibodies" after immunization with buffy coat Invernizzi, R. - Perugini, O. - De Fazio, P. - Bonetti, F. - Nespoli, L.: Cytochemistry of dipeptidylaminopeptidase IV in T lymphoblastic leukaemia - lymphoma Merétey, K. - Jakab, Á. - Szilassy, K. - Medgyesi, G. A.: IgE levels in normal human sera and IgG preparations Kopff, M. - Zakrzewska, I. - Klem, J. - Strzelczyk, M.: Relationship between adenosine deaminase activity (ADA) and inosinemonophosphate (IMP) acculumation in fresh erythrocytes incubated with adenosine and dipryamidole Hernández, P. - Dorticós, E. - Espinosa, E. - Gonzáles, X. - Svarch, E.: Clinical features of hepatic sequestration in sickle cell anaemia Tejuca, M. - Martinez, G. - Ferreira, R. - Hernández, A. - Ferrer, L. - Goicochea, A. - Hernández, A. C. - Coyeula, R. - Wade, M. - Colombo, B.: ##-thalassemia changes the cell density profile in sickle cell anaemia Koerner, K.: Preparation of leukocyte-poor platelet concentrates for transfusion by filtration through a new cellulose acetate filter Benny, A. G. - Brimer, C. M.: Functional determination of C1 esterase inhibitor in fractions derived from plasma Marra, R. - Stori, S. - Pagano, L. - Fioritoni, G. - Rabitti, C. - Sica, S. G. L. - Torlontano, G. - Bizzi, B.: Central nervous system acute promyelocytic leukemia: a report of three cases 1989 / 4. szám Bernard, J.: Epidemiology of leukaemia Miwa, S.: Molecular basis of red cell enzymopathies associated with hereditary nonspherocytic hemolytic anemia Hassan, H. T. - Rees, J. K. H.: The effect of human recombinant granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor on the proliferation and differentiation of myeloid progenitors in congenital agranulocytosis marrow cells Pálóczi, K. - Berényi, E. - Ellés, Á. - Nemes, Z. - Krasznai, G. - Krajczár, G. - Szegedi, Gy.: Clinical analysis of patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (1965-1985) Abstracts Acknowledgement to the Reviewers Index to Volume 22 Author Index Subject Index

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