Haematologia, 1988

Haematologia, 21 - 1988. ISSN 0017-6559


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1988 / 1. szám Voak, D. - Downie, D. M. - Moore, B. P. L. - Ford, D. S. - Engelfriet, C. P. - Case, J.: Replicate tests for the detection and correction of errors in anti-human globulin (AHG) tests: optimum conditions and quality control Rozman, C. - Montserrat, E.: Advances in therapy of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia Aymard, J. P. - Janot, C. - Briquel, M. E. - Schooneman, F. - Legras, B. - Alexandre, P. - Streiff, F.: Lymphocyte proliferative responses in haemophiliac patients: relations to clinical and immunological findings Szirmai, Mária - Sarkadi, B. - Szász, Ilma - Gárdos, G.: Volume regulatory mechanis of human platelets Garcia, Y. - Callejas, J. - Hernández, P.: Use of ferrokinetics in the follow-up of patients with polycythaemia vera Mindner, K. - Bergmann, I. - Sturm, G. - Liedloff, H. - Hindersin, P. - Gleiser, W. - Till, U. - Vogel, G.: Evaluation of preoperative blood tests for predicting deep vein thrombosis after total hip replacement Nduka, N. - Aneke, Ch. - Maxwell-Owhochuku, S.: Comparison of some haematological indices of Africans and Caucasians resident in the same Nigerian environment Abstracts Book Review Announcement 1988 / 2. szám Goudsmit, J. - Lange, J. M. A. - Smit, Lia - Bakker, Margareet - Klaver, B. - Danner, S. A. - Coutinho, R. A.: Seradiagnostic profiles of HIV and HIV pathogenesis in vivo Ujhelyi, Eszter - Králl, G. - Füst, G. - Medgyesi, G. A. - Hollán, Susan R. - Zimonyi, Ilona - Berkessy, S. - Nagy, K. - Földes, I. - Mayer, V.: Prevalence of HIV-antibodies in patients with haemophilia in Hungary Kuwahara, S. S.: Equations for the calculation of Factor VIII potencies from the results of parallel-line clotting-time assays Altankov, G. - Setchenska, M.: Lectin-induced adhesion of human platelets of glass. Comparison with the lectin-induced aggregation Arany, I. - Ember, I. - Rády, P.: Subcellular distribution of hexokinase in leukemic and stimulated lymphoid cells of mice Borbényi, Z. - Tetla, N. G. - Varga, Gy.: Granulocytic progenitor cells in the adherent layer of human long-term bone marrow cultures Svarch, E. - Menéndez, A. - Morales, M. - González, A.: Juvenile chronic myelogenous leukaemia and cleidocranial dysostosis Svarch, E. - Menéndez, A. - González, A.: Duchenne muscular dystrophy and acute lymphoblastic leukaemia Abstracts 1988 / 3. szám Sokol, R. J. - Hudson, G. - Wales, J. - James, N. T.: Morphometry of human blood leukocyte ultrastructure: its potential value in haematology Hassan, H. T.: Differentiation induction therapy of acute myelogenous leukaemias Athlin, L. - Domellöf, L. - Norberg, B. O.: Role of actin polymerization in monocyte phagocytosis of yeast cells. Effect of cytochalasin B Vicente, V. - Alegre, A. - Alberca, I. - Lopez Borrasca, A. - Gomez, J. R. - Macias, J. F.: Changes of contact phase proteins during haemodialysis Ojeda, E. - Gonzalez, M. - San Miguel, J. F. - Ramos, F. - Flores, Teresa - Borrasca, A. L.: Immunological markers in coexisting chronic lymphocytic leukemia and Hodgkin's disease Farbiszewski, R. - Sokół, A.: The interaction between fibrinogen and 3H-L-arginine cationic peptides derived from fibrosarcoma in the presence of thrombin Kazeem, A. A.: In-vivo macrophage-erythrocyte-rosettes within haemolymph nodes as evidence of loss of self-tolerance Abstracts Book Review Announcement 1988 / 4. szám Pajot, N. - Maier-Redelsperger, M. - Dode, C. - Labie, D. - Girot, R.: Density distribution of red cells and prognostic significance in 50 patients with homozygous sickle-cell disease Steinhoff, G. - Van der Heul, C. - Van Eijk, H. G. - Rice, L. - Alfrey, C. P.: Lymphocyte surface ferritin in malignant and inflammatory diseases Mantovani, G. - Piso, A. - Santa Cruz, G. - Arangino, V. - Farci, G. - Leone, A. L. - Orrú, S. - Coiana, A. - Massidda, A. - Zucca, G. - Balestrieri, A. - Del Giacco, G. S.: Familial chronic B-cell malignancy. Hairy cell leukaemia in mother and daughter Kopeć-Szlęzak, J. - Grabarczyk, M. - Szczepanska, I. - Furman, S.: Protective effect of vitamins E and C on erythrocytes in blood preserved in ACD solution and stored at 4°C Ghosh, K. - Malik, K. - Das, K. C.: Serum and leukocyte lactate dehydrogenase activity in leukaemias Kramer, J. - Kassai, T. - Medgyesi, G. A. - Tauszik, T. - Füst, G.: Screening of IgA deficiency by ELiSA: population frequency in Hungary Abstracts Index of Volume 21 Author Index Subject Index

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Additional Information: Haematologia : international quarterly of haematology, Vol. 21. (1988)
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