Haematologia, 1987

Haematologia, 20 - 1987. ISSN 0017-6559


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1987 / 1. szám Niewiarowski, S.: Platelet membrane components and receptors Fehér, I. - Gidáli, J.: Self-renewal capacity of mobilized murine haemopoietic stem cells Couillin, Ph. - Bouvé, H. - Bétuel, H. - Hors, J. - Gebuhrer, L. - Boué, A.: Particular interest of HLS typing for genetic counselling in families with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (21-OH deficiency) Gonzalez, M. - Cabrera, A. - San Miguel, J. F. - de Andres, M. - Gomez Morales, M. - Lopez-Borrasca, A. - Garrido, F.: Heterogeneity of chronic T-cell lymphocytosis: immunological and clinical aspects Pagano, L. - Marra, R. - De Stefano, V. - Leone, G.: Spinal fluid procoagulant activity in leukaemic patients treated with intrathecal methotrexate San Miguel, J. F. - Fisac, P. - Gonzalez, M. - Calmuntia, M. J. - Hernandez, J. - Bascones, C.: Immunologic phenotype of the microgranular variant of acute promyelocytic leukaemia González, R. - Estrada, M. - Garcia, M. - Gutiérrez, a. - de la Torre, E. - Colombo, B.: Erythrocyte PK deficiency: biochemical characterization of a patient with haemolytic anemia Zago, M. A. - Covas, D. T. - Ismael, S. J. - Bottura, C.: Splenic function in haemophilia 1987 / 2. szám Tatsumi, N. - Tsuda, I.: Marked changes in red cell volume response to isotonic glucose solution during storage Sipka, S. - Kávai, M. - Techmann, F. - Boldogh, I. - Szegedi, Gy.: Lymphokine effect upon the EA uptake by human monocytes Martinez, G. - Colombo, B.: ## Thalessemia produces high levels of Hb Bart's in newborns and high HbA2 in adults Paradoa Pérez, M. L. - Trujillo, Y. - Basanta, P.: Association of dengue hemorrhagic fever with the HLA system Naskalski, J. W.: Proteinuria and excretion of ribonuclease in patients with chronic granulocytic leukaemia Inyang, A. L. - Okpako, D. T. - Essien, E. M.: Platelet reactions in acute Plasmodium berghei infection in Swiss albino mice Pálóczi, Katalin - Zeher, Margit - Lukács, Katalin, Kávai, Mária - Szegedi, Gy.: Altered monocyte functions in patients with angioimmunoblastic lymphadenopathy Alegre, A. - Alberca, I. - Herraez, J. - Vicente, V.: Lupus anticoagulant and false positive serological tests for syphilis Abstracts 1987 / 3. szám Bowman, Ellen - Watts, J. - Burrows, R. - Chui, D. H. K.: Haemoglobin Barts hydrops fetalis syndrome Heynem, M. J. - Zaman, Z. - Verwilghen, R. L.: Effect of acute lead intoxication on the ultrastructure of rat erythroblasts and reticulocytes Morphometric analysis and Röntgen micro-analysis Phan, D. T. - Bartha, E. - Gidáli, J. - Fehér, I. - Harsányi, V. - Petrányi, G. Gy. - Hollán, S. R.: T-cell depletion of Cercopithecus Aethiops monkey bone marrow with Campath-1 monoclonal antibody and complement Lemež, P. - Koubek, K. - Malasková, V. - Lojda, Z.: Dipeptidyl peptidase IV activity in cells of T-lymphoid origin in decreased in cultures with 12-0-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate (TPA) Berger, J.: Age-associated sensitivity to experimental, drug-induced marrow hypoplasia of laboratory rats Capellato, M. G. - Lazzaro, A. R. - Marafioti, F. - Polato, G. - Girolami, A.: A new family with congenital Factor XIII deficiency showing a deficit of both subunit a and b. Type I Factor XIII deficiency Boros, P. - Balázs, Gy. - Szegedi, Gy.: Natural killer activity in thyroid cancer patients Abstracts Book Review Announcement 1987 / 4. szám Phan, D. T. - Gidáli, J. - Fehér, I. - Harsányi, V. - Petrányi, G. Gy. - Hollán, S. R.: Comparison on efficiency of complements from various species for T-cell depletion from Cercopithecus aethiops bone marrow with Campath-1 MoAb in vitro Starsia, Z. - Zitnan, D. - Loos, M. - Stefanovic, J. - Bosák, V. - Niks, M. - Tomanová, H. - Lukác, J. - Lulovicová, M.: Deficiency of C2, the second complement component, in the family of a patient with SLE-like syndrome: the first case of hereditary C2 deficiency in Czechoslovakia Open Forum Introduction Finch, C. A. - Huebers, H. A.: Maintenance of normal iron balance Worwood, M.: The diagnostic value of serum ferritin determinations for assessing iron status Brock, J. H.: Iron and infection Hershko, C. - Link, G. - Pinson, A. - Hasin, Y. - Moreb, J.: Iron loading and chelation as studied in a heart cell culture system Abstracts Contents of Volume 20 Author Index Subject Index

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