Haematologia, 1973

Haematologia, 7 - 1973.


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1973 / 1. szám Mintz, U. - Pinkhas, J. - Pick, A. I. - de Vries, A.: Philadelphia chromosome-negative, lysozyme-positive chronic myeloid leukemia Tóth, I. - Sellei, C. - Eckhardt, S. - Hindy, I.: Gel filtration analysis of multiple myeloma sere Le-diem Huong: Iron metabolism of premature infants and their mothers Hrubiško, M. - Fábryová, L. - Lipšic, T.: Therapeutische Beeinflussung der Polycythaemia vera durch übertragene antierythrozytäre Antikörper Tovell, T. R. - Vos, G. H.: A genetic scheme for blood systems ABO, Rh and Manand anexplanation of antigen/antibody patterns Gönczi, J. - Szemere, P. - Bódi, S. - Boga, M.: Extramedullary plasmocytoma Szilágyi, G. - Boga, M. - Rutkai, P.† - Lapis, K.: Complications of haemangiomatoses Boros, Gy. - Romhányi, M. - Horváth, A. - Tamási, K.: Kasabach-Merritt syndrome in an adult From the International Literature on Haematology 1973 / 2. szám Hollán, S. R.: Introduction Dausset, J.: The chromosomal HL-A complex: humoral and cellular immunity in organ graft rejection Tovey, G. H. - Darke, C. C.: Some observations on the immune response to HL-A antigens in pregnancy Thorsby, E. - Solheim, B. G.: Inhibition of in vitro lymphocyte transformation by HL-A antibodies Iványi, P. - Forejt, J. - Gregovorá, S. - Micková, M.: Reproductive performance and histocompatibility antigens Imre, G. - Petri, I. - Keserű, T. L. - Obál, M.: Autologous plasma affecting the maternal response in mixed lymphocyte cultures with the newborn Gyódi, É. - Penke, S. - Novák, E. - Hollán, S. R.: HL-A specificities in individuals with persistence of hepatitis-associated antigenaemia Richter, K. V. - Fischer, G. - Menzel, G. R. - Langfeld, M. - Aigte, H. - Rückwarth, G. - Freier, G.: HL-A Antigene und Disposition für hämatologische maligne Erkrankungen Stenszky, V. - Szegedi, Gy. - Aszódi, L. - Petrányi, Gy.: HL-A and systemic lupus erythematosus Fünfhausen, G. - Richter, K. V. - Dutz, W.: Bisherige Ergebnisse im Hinblick auf die immunologische Absicherung der Nierentransplantation in der DDR Menzel, G. R. - Richter, K. V.: HL-A haplotypes and their inheritance in a German population Report of a Symposium on Haematological Cytochemistry Obituary Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature of Haematology News Items 1973 / 3-4. szám Ben Dawson, R. - Kocholaty, W. F.: Hemoglobin function in stored blood. XII. Effects of varying phosphate concentrations on red cell ATP and 2,3-DPG with adenine and inosine Labardini, J. - Papayannopoulou, T. - Cook, J. D. - Adamson, J. W. - Woodson, R. D. - Eschbach, J. W. - Hillman, R. S. - Finch, C. A.: Marrow radioiron kinetics Przala, J. - Krzymowski, T. - Goralska, M.: The lymphatic system and eríthropoiesis. II. Influence of antilymphocytic serum on the process of erythropoiesis inhibition in experimental polycythaemia Antal, S. - Fehér, I. - Gallyas, A.: Effect of phytohaemagglutinin in subtoxic doses on haematopoiesis in mice. I. Effect on normal mice Antal, S. - Fehér, I. - Gallyas, A.: Effect of phytohaemagglutinin in subtoxic doses on haematopoiesis in mice. II. Effect on irradiated mice (350 R) Cazzavillan, M. - Barbui, T. - Frachi, F. - Chisesi, T. - Dini, E.: Comparison of Price-Jones curves obtained with an elekctronic corpuscle counter in normal subjects and in patients with thalassaemia and iron deficiency Schier, J. - Jastrzębski, J. - Rudowski, W. - Daszyński, J. - Kostrzewska, E.: Effect of stromatofree haemoglobin solution on respiration and blood oxygenation Briggs, M.: Blood platelet biochemistry in women receiving steroid contraceptives Sas, G. - Blaskó, Gy. - Jákó, J. - Bánhegyi, D.: Inhibitory effect of "late" type fibrinogen degradation products (FDP) upon the ethanol gelation of plasma Prokopowicz, J. - Gabryelewicz, A.: Plasma and leukocyte antiheparin activity in acute experimental pancreatitis Prokopowicz, J. - Gabryelewicz, A. - Wołosowicz, N. - Puchalski, Z. - Tołłoczko, A.: Peripheral and gastric fibrinolysis in peptic ulcer patients Hrňciř, Z. - Tichý, M. - Matěja, F. - Mazák, J.: Rheumatoid factor in a series of 155 subjects with paraproteinaemia of the main immunoglobulin classes Bogdanikowa, V. - Kiersnowska, B. - Drozd, J. - Bielawiec, M. - Lukjan, H.: The protein pattern of the culture medium used in migration inhibition study El Masry, J. - Wyszkowski, J.: Fourteen relapses of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in a child Kelemen, E. - Petrányi, Gy. jr. - Puskás, E.: Haemopoietic cell clusters too immature to permit classification in early human embryonic liver Vaciková, A.: Isoamylases in human leukocytes and thrombocytes Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology News Item Contents of Volume 7 Author Index Subject Index

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