Haematologia, 1972

Haematologia, 6 - 1972.


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1972 / 1-2. szám Hollán, S. R.: Dr. Alexander S. Wiener - 65 years Kuhns, W. J.: Dr. Alexander S. Wiener - an appreciation Biography of Alexander S. Wiener M. D. Selected publications of Alexander S. Wiener, M. D. HISTORICAL Ranganathan, K. S.: Alexander Wiener and the Landsteiner tradition Moor-Jankowski, J.: Contributions of A. S. Wiener to blood group serology and immunology Unger, L. J.: Blood transfusion - 1914 model BLOOD PROCUREMENT Geiger, J.: Blood procurement - facts and fallacies IMMUNOGENETICS Race, R. R. - Sanger, R.: Blood group mosaics Stormont, C.: The language of phenogroups BLOOD GROUP BIOCHEMISTRY, BIOPHYSICS AND GENETICS Springer, G. F. - Huprikar, S. V.: On the biochemical and genetic basis of the human blood-group MN specificities Sturgeon, Ph. - Kolin, A. - Kwak, K. S. - Luner, S. J.: Studies of human eríthrocytes by endless belt electrophoresis Ishiyama, I. - Takatsu, A. - Gielen, W. - Uhlenbruck, G.: An agglutinin from the sea snail Dolabella, reacting with a neuraminic acid containing structure BLOOD GROUP SEROLOGY Allen, F. H., jr. - Rosenfield, R. E.: Review of Rh serology: Eight new antigens in nine years Shapiro, M. - Le Roux, M. - Brink, S.: Serology and genetics of a new blood factor: hrB Sussman, L. N. - Pretshold, H.: The Vel blood group system Prokop, O. - Geserick, G.: An "anti-secretor'-reagent for the direct estimation of the Se-status by precipitation COMPATIBILITY TESTING Mollison, P. L.: Survival in vivo as a test for red cell compatibility Griffitts, J. J.: A note on the compatibility test (cross-match): Its continuing importance PREVENTION OF Rh DISEASE Freda, V. J.: Prevention of Rh disease Simmons, R. T.: The detection of anti-Rho antibody as part of the programme in the prevention of Rh isoimmunization in Rh-negative mothers in Australia MISCELLANEOUS Marcelli-Barge, A. - Dausset, J. - Poirier, J. C.: Study on the influence of the Rhesus system on skin graft survival Davidsohn, I. - Stejskal, R.: Tissue antigens A, B and H in health and disease Hollán, S. R.: On foetal type erythropoiesis Pollitzer, W. S.: Problems in admixture estimates from different genetic loci Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology 1972 / 3. szám Humphrey, J. H.: Introduction Hollán, S. R. - Breuer, J. H. - Szelényi, J. G.: On the red cell membrane Gárdos, G.: Ion transport across the erythrocyte membrane Hasitz, M. - Szelényi, J. G. - Hollán, S. R. - Baumann, M.: Comparison of methods used for solubilization of human erythrocyte membrane protein Lauf, P. K.: The effect of iso-antibodies on membrane cation transport: the LK sheep eríthrocytes as model cells Hughes-Jones, N. C.: The attachment of IgG molecules on the red cell surface Puskás, É. - Ferencz, É. G. - Szelényi, J. G. - Hasitz, M. - Medgyesi, G. A. - Gergely, J.: Non-specific attachment of IgG to erythrocytes Masouredis, S. P. - Marzec, U. - Sudora, E. - Chalos, M. K.: Methyldopa-induced erythrocyte binding IgG: Another model of non-specific attachment of immunoglobulins to erythrocytes Najjar, V. A. - Satoh, P. S. - Constantopoulos, A. - Nishioka, K.: The functional properties conferred on the blood erythrocyte and neutrophilic leucocyte by membrane bound specific erythrophilic and leucophilic g-globulin Nezlin, R. S. - Zagyansky, Yu. A. - Tumermann, L. A.: The flexibility of antibody molecule Lachmann, P. J.: Complement Humphrey, J. H.: The nature of complement-induced lesions in membranes Szelényi, J. G. - Breuer, J. H. - Győrffy, Gy. - Hasitz, M. - Horányi, M. - Hollán, S. R.: Changes in the erythrocyte membrane induced by Heinz-body formation Stanworth, D. R.: Mechanism of interaction between E antibodies and target cells Petrányi, Gy. G.: Enhancement phenomenon Greaves, M. F.: Antigen recognition mechanisms Wigzell, H. - Huber, Ch. - Schirrmacher, V.: Affinity fractionation of lymphoid cells according to type and function 1972 / 4. szám de Vries, S. I.: In Memoriam - Martinus Cornelis Verloop Grieger, M. - Günther, I. - Jacobasch, G. - Buss, D. - Gerth, Ch.: Stoffwechselanomalie roter Blutzellen mit atypischer Pyruvatkinase und Kaliummangel Rönisch, P. - Reimann, W. - Schülze, M.: Change of the type of acid red cell phosphatase after exchange transfusion Harsányi, V. - Hasitz, M. - Breuer, J. - Gárdos, G. - Medgyesi, G. A. - Hollán, S. R.: The cryopreserved red cell: biochemical studies Rudowski, W. - Schier, J. - Daszyński, J. - Kostrzewska, E.: Administration of stromafree haemoglobin solution Wiener, A. S. - Gordon, E. B. - Moor-Jankowski, J. - Socha, W. W.: Homologues of the human M-N blood types in gorillas and other non human primates Astaldi, G.: Is L-asparaginase an antiblastic agent? Kim, B. K. - Bladini, M. G.: Glycolytic intermediates and adenine nucleotides of human platelets. I. The influence of ACD and EDTA anticoagulants Hindersin, P. - Zwiener, U. - Körting, H. J.: Eine mikroskop-fluoreszenzphotometrische Methode zur quantitativen Bestimmung der fibrinolytischen Aktivität in kleinen Blutmengen Serafimov-Dimitrov, V. - Michalev, A. - Kaneva, V.: Phagocytic function of perioneal macrophages in neonatally thymectomized rats Recommendation for use of SI in clinical laboratory measurements - International Committee for Standardization in Haematology - International Federation of Clinical Chemistry - World Association of Pathology Societies Book Reviews Abstracts News Item Contents of Volume 6 Author Index Subject Index

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Additional Information: Haematologia : international quarterly of haematology, Vol. 6. (1972)
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