Haematologia, 1971

Haematologia, 5 - 1971.


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1971 / 1-2. szám In memoriam Josif Abramovitch Kassirsky Lapis, K. - Schuler, D.: Effect of tetra-o-methyl-sulphonyl-D-mannitol (R-52) on the ultrastructure of lymphoid cells in tissue culture Malec, J. - Wojnarowska, M. - Kornacka, L.: Nuclear RNA of normal and leukaemic human leucocytes Teitel, P. - Szász, I.: A haemorheological view on molecular interactions between red blood cell constituents Brabec, V. - Šebestík, V.: Sequestration von wärmealterierten Erythrocyten bei normalen und "hypersplenischen" Ratten Janele, J. - Hníková, O. - Brychnáč, V.: Megaloblastic anaemia in children due to isolated vitamin B12 malabsorption Louwagie, A. C. - Waes, J. A. - Van Vuchelen, J. - Verwilghen, R. L.: Bone marrow syndrome after lethal whole body irradiation in the dog. I. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the peripheral blood and bone marrow cellularity Louwagie, A. C. - Waes, J. A. - Van Vuchelen, J. - Verwilghen, R. L.: Bone marrow syndrome after lethal whole body irradiation in the dog. II. Iron kinetics Solymoss, B. - Somogyi, Á. - Kovács, K.: Effect of spironolactone and proadifen on 7,12-dimethlybenz(a)anthracene-induced haematologic changes Árky, I.: Sensitive method for the in vitro detection of very small X-ray doses Medgyesi, G. A. - Pákh, M. - Gergely, J.: Specificity of antibodies against human IgG myeloma proteins precipitating neither Fab nor Fc fragments Yavorkovsky, L. I. - Kondrashova, M. Y. - Poddubnaya, E. V. - Pushkaver, I. A. - Yavorkovskaya, E. K.: On the Origin of Paraproteins in the Serum of Patients Sufferint from Lymphoid Leukaemia Ambrus, M. - Péley, I. - Bajtai, G. - Pácsa, S.: Congenital rubella syndrome: clinical, virological and immunological aspects Libich, M. - Májský, A.: Eine atypische A1B-Blutgruppe bei einem gesunden Spender International Committee for Standardization in Haematology: Proposed Recommendations for Measurement of Serum Iron in Human Blood Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology 1971 / 3. szám Klein, E. - Cochran, A. J.: Immunology and malignant disease Dintenfass, L.: The role of ABO blood groups in dynamic coagulation and thrombus formation in vascular disease: an in vitro study Abe, K. - Pausch, V.: The Kell-Cellano blood group system in clinical and medico-legal practice Wiener, A. S. - Socha, W. W. - Gordon, E. B.: Fractionation of human anti Rh0 sera by absorption with red cells of apes Idelson, L. I. - Didkovsky, N. A.: Haemoglobin H disease in a Russian family Carmena, A. O. - Rivas, E.: Urinary excretion of delta-aminolaevulinic acid and porphobilinogen in young natives of 13,000 feet, brought to sea level Jean, G. - Lambertenghi-Deliliers, G. - Ranzi, T. - Poirier-Bassetti, M.: The human bone marrow megakaryocyte: an ultrastructural study Fóris, G. - Kertai, P.: The role of platelets in passively transferred endotoxin resistance Fortýnová, J. - Brabec, V.: Survival and localization of thrombocyte destruction in normal and hypersplenic rats Takácsi-Nagy, L. - Juhász, J.: Experimental myelosclerosis Wołoosowicz, N. - Prokopowicz, J.: A new method for antiplasmin activity determination Dekkers, C. P. M. - Verloop, M. C.: The hypereosinophilic syndrome ICSH-Recommended methods for radioisotope red cell survival studies Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology 1971 / 4. szám Dacie, J. V.: Aetiology of the auto-immune haemolytic anaemias Lajtha, L. G.: Kinetics of the haemopoietic stem cells Callender, Sh. T. - Warner, G. T.: Iron absorption from bread Hitzig, W. H.: Functional alterations in phagocytosis and their clinical consequences Klener, P. - Donner, L. - Housková, J.: Dynamics of bone marrow morphologic patterns after vinblastine sulphate treatment in the rat Malasková, V.: Cytochemical examination of human bone marrow plasmocytes Leövey, A. - Szegedi, Gy. - Fekete, B. - Bobory, J. - Petrányi, Gy.: Testing of calf and human anti-thymocytic sera in vivo Bobory, J. - Leövey, A. - Petrányi, Gy. - Szegedi, Gy.: Antibody titres of anti-thymocytic sera against homologous and heterologous organ antigens Fekete, B. - Petrányi, Gy. - Szegedi, Gy. - Szabó, G.: Connection between the anti-organ and anti-nuclear titres of antilymphocyte sera and their inhibitory effect on skin graft rejection in mice Armata, J. - Zajaczkowski, J. - Wyszkowski, J.: Pericardial involvement during remission in acute leukaemia Berzy, I.: DNase enzyme in haematological diagnostics Malkiewicz, B. - Pajdak, W. - Okulski, J. - Lisiewicz, J.: Recherches sur l'activité thromboplastique des éosinophiles d'un malade atteint de leucémie éosinophilique Ottó, Sz.: Dilution-comparative immunoelectrophoresis for the investigation of double paraproteinaemias Kořinek, J. - Švorcová, V.: Inhibitory electroimmunoprecipitation: a new sensitive method for the detection of Australia antigen in human serum Elődi, S. - Mód, A. - Poros, A.: Hageman trait: The first case in Hungary Open Forum Wiener, A. S. - Socha, W. W.: Can gene subloci be determined from serological specificities? Corespondence - Letters to the Editor Ranganathan, K. S.: On the need to modernize Rh nomenclature Abstracts From the International Literature of Haematology News Items

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