Haematologia, 1970

Haematologia, 4 - 1970.


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1970 / 1. szám Barta, I.: Farewell to Ludwig Heilmeyer (1899-1969) Jaffé, E. R. - Neumann, G.: Effect of diazooxonorleucine and N-ethyl maleimide on the incorporation of nicotinic acid and nicotinamide into the pyridine nucleotides of human erythrocytes in vitro Moriyama, Y. - Saito, H. - Kinoshita, Y.: Eríthropoieting inhibitor in plasma from patients with chronic renal failure Cornides, I. - Medzihradsky, H. - Bernát, I.: A new method of preparing nitrogen samples from haem for mass spectrometric isotope analysis Tedeschi, G. G. - Amici, D. - Paparelli, M.: The uptake of radioactivity of thymidine, uridine, formate, glycine and lysine into cultures of blood of normal human subjects. Relationships with mycoplasma infection Armata, J.: Hyperleukocytosis before the beginning of treatment in acute leukaemia in children and its subsequent repetition at the orset of relapses Krug, K. - Stenzel, L.: Beitrag zu Skelettmanifestationen von Leukosen Lymphogranulomatosen und Retothelsarkomen Tura, S. - Baccarani, M.: The management of polycythaemia vera with Dibromomannitol Farbiszewski, R. - Worowski, K.: Inhibition of blood platelet aggregation by serum IgM macroglobulin Lahmann, N.: Ein weiterer Fall von Anti-N im Serum einer Person der Blutgruppe MN Chuba, J. V. - Kuhns, W. J. - Nigrelli, R. F. - Morris, R. A. - Friese, U. E.: B-like blood factor of fur seals and sea lions. Comparatives study with D-galactose inhibition, human group B erythrocytes and B-active human, baboon and rhesus monkey saliva Szücs, J.: Multiple myeloma without paraprotein Faragó, S. - Oláh, I.: Electron microscopic investigation of the developing forms of megakaryocytes Book Review Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology News Items 1970 / 2. szám Sybesma, J. Ph. H. B. - Verloop, M. C.: Diagnostic difficulties in a patient with jaundice and anaemia Hollán, S. R. - Szelényi, J. G. - Miltényi, M. - Charlesworth, D. - Lorkin, P. A. - Lehmann, H.: Unstable haemoglobin disease caused by Hb Santa Ana-88 (F4) Leu - Pro Wiener, A. S.: Immunochemical studies on group-specific agglutinins of diverse origin Gidáli, J. - Fehér, I.. Factors influencing growth and differentiation of spleen colonies. II. Erythropoietin and Actinomycin D Diagnosis and Prophylaxis of Iron Deficiency in Donors Farbiszewski, R. - Skrzydlewski, Z.: Platelet adhesiveness and aggregation in the final stage of pregnancy and in the puerperium Krizsa, F. - Gergely, G. - Rák, K.: Mechanism of thrombocytosis following splenectomy in the mouse Rondanelli, E. G. - Magliulo, E. - Petrocini, S. - Fossati, G. C.: Visual evidence of mitosis in splenic and peritoneal macrophages of the mouse and of the newt Molge vulgaris. Phase-contrast cine-micrographic investigations Döklen, A. - Várterész, V. - Varga, L.: Effect of haematopoietic humoral factors on PHA-transformed lymphocytes. I. Haem-synthesis in PHA-stimulated lymphocyte cultures. Role of factors controlling erythropoiesis Lisiewicz, J. - Okulski, J.: Thromboplastic activity of leukaemic eosinophils Some Questions of Rational Therapeutical Tactics in Chronic Lymphatic Leukaemia Boga, M. - Halmy, L. - Rutkai, P.: Diabetes insipidus occuring with acute leukaemia Book Review Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology 1970 / 3-4. szám Rondanelli, E. G. - Magliulo, E. - Carco, F. P. - Cerra, E.: Investigations into the action of 6-benzimidazole cobamide coenzyme (cobamamide) on pernicious anaemia megaloblasts Brocteur, J. - Gilissen-Gottschalk, M. - André, A.: Le polymorphisme de la phosphatase acide erythrocytaire Pawelski, S. - Hartwig, W. - Rechowicz, K. - Konopka, L. - Kasperlik-Zaluska, A.: Vitamin B12 metabolism in adrenocortical insufficiency Lelkes, G. - Bernát, I.: Electron microscopical study of the bone marrow of burned patients Cory, J. G.: Blood aspartyl transcarbamylase activity in Rauscher virus induced murine leukemia Meister, H.: Zur Zytochemie der Monozytenleukose Horváth, T. - Patakfalvi, A. - Böhm, G. - Kajtsa, E.: Quantitative Immunoglobulinbestimmungen bei Leukämie und Myelofibrose Arnaud, R. - Maupas, P. - Audurier, A. - Avril, J.: Présence et spécificité de l'antigéne Australien et de l'anticorps correspondant Madaliński, K. - Brzosko, W. J. - Żuławski, M.: Immunoglobulin levels in Hodgkin's disease Mersch, G.: Étude statistique de quelques méthodes de mesure de l'activité complémentaire Szegedi, G. - Nagy, G.: Coincidence of autoimmune diseases and polycythaemia vera Sprenger, I. - Uhlenbruck, G. - Pardoe, G. I.: Über die Spezifität von Lektinen mit einem breiten Agglutinationsspektrum Kutas, V. - Merétey, K. - Elekes, E. - Kocsár, L.: Effects of phytohaemagglutinin on the immune response of irradiated rabbits Pálos, L. Á. - Sas, G. - Jákó, J. - László, C.: Oxidizing-reducing properties of the intrinsic prothrombin activator Sas, G. - Jákó, J. - László, C. - Pető, I.: Inactivation of intrinsic prothrombin activator Worowski, K. - Prokopowicz, J. - Gabryelewicz, A.: Plasma fibrinolytic system and blood pressure in patients with hypertensive cardiovascular disease treated with reserpine and phenformin Doery, J. C. G. - Hirsh, J. - de Gruchy, G. C.: Platelet metabolism and function Csaba, G. - Hodinka, L. - Bozsóky, S. - Farkas, K.: Tissue mast cells in human blood Open Forum Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology News Items Contents of Volume 4 Author Index Subject Index

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Additional Information: Haematologia : international quarterly of haematology, Vol. 4. (1970)
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