Haematologia, 1969

Haematologia, 3 - 1969.


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1969 / 1. szám Wiener, A. S.: In commemoration of Karl Landsteiner, Father of blood grouping and immunochemistry Wiener, A. S. - Brain, P. - Gordon, E. R.: Further observations on the hemagglutinins of the snail Achatina granulata Mayr, W. R. - Mickerts, D. - Pausch, V.: Schwaches Isoagglutinogen der Blutgruppe B in einer österreichischen Familie Feodorov, N. A. - Zotikov, E. A. - Gorbunova, N. A. - Urinson, R. M.: On the mechanism of the direct Coombs test in reticulocytosis Bishop, Ch. - Van Gastel, C.: Changes in enzyme activity during reticulocyte maturation and red cell aging Sőtér, V. N. - Árky, I. - Szelényi, J. G. - Hollán, S. R.: Iron-induced changes in erythrocyte membrane surface charge Árky, I. - Szász, I. - Gárdos, G. - Szelényi, J. G. - Breuer, J. H. - Várterész, V. - Hollán, S. R.: Biochemical changes in blood induced by in vitro X-irradiation Stieglitz, R. - Stobbe, H.: Panmyelophthisen durch wenig bekannte Ursachen Choné, B. - Roos, G.: Elektronenmikroskopischer Beitrag zur Klassifikation atypischer Myelomzellen Berzy, I. - Porgányi, M.: Cytochemical examination of thoracic and abdominal effusier Effect of Andrenals on the Fibrinase Activity and on the Phase of
Fibrin Generation Szczepański, M. - Zwierzchowska, A. - Czechowska, Z. - Jastrzębski, J.: Investigations on the fibrinolytic activity of the thyroid gland Open Forum Book Review Abstracts From the international literature on haematology News Item 1969 / 2. szám Dausset, J.: The laws of the choice of organ donors before transplantation Opler, S. R.: Viral induced acute lymphatic leukemia in guinea pigs resembling human leukemia Rondanelli, E. G. - Magliulo, E. - Falchi, F. - Verona-Rinati, M.: Phase-contrast and tissue culture studies on mitotic cycle of erythropoietic cells in Di Guglielmo's erythraemia Yaroshevsky, A. Ya. - Voitkevitch, V. I. - Moiseeva, O. I.: Study of v. renalis blood erythropoietic activity in a chronic experiment Choné, B. - Schaab, H.: Elektronische Registrierung strahleninduzierter Volumenschwankungen der Leukozyten Horkay, I. - Dán, S. - Lapis, K. - Jákó, J. - Dévényi, I.: Damage to liver mitochondria in eríthropoietic protoporphyria Fleischmann, T.: Chromosomenanomalien bei hämatologischen Krankheiten Patakfalvi, A. - Csete, B. - Horváth, T.: Familial myelofibrosis Ambrus, M. - Bajtai, G.: A case of an IgG-type cold agglutinin disease Krizsa, F. - Kovács, Z. - Dobay, E.: Effect of exchange transfusion-induced thrombocytopoietic activity of infants' sera on the megakaryocytic system of mice Abstracts From the international literature on haematology News Item 1969 / 3. szám Bernard, J. - Weil, M. - Jacquillat, Cl.: Traitement des leucémies aiguës myéloblastiques Wiener, A. S.: The nomenclature and genetics of the Ag(xy) beta-lipoprotein system Rondanelli, E. G. - Magliulo, E. - Fossati, G. C. - Petrocini, S. - Gorini, S.: Chronology of mitotic cycle in human plasmocyte precursors in vitro. Phase-contrast cinemicrographic studies Pawelski, S. - Rudowski, W. - Rechowicz, K. - Zdziechowska, H. - Konopka, L. - Kotelba-Witkowska, B. - Klawe, Z. - Nowak, S.: The effect of splenectomy on the clinical picture and survival time of platelets in thrombocytopenia Elődi, S. - Králl, G.: Studies on platelet functions in different platelet disorders Hartwig, W. - Pawelski, S. - Migdalska, B. - Rechowicz, K. - Rosciszewska, A.: Adrenocortical function and the effect of corticosteroid therapy in pernicious anaemia Up-to-date Conception of the Role of the Stomach in the Development of Anaemias Induced by Iron Deficiency Bozsóky, S. - Medgyesi, G. A. - Gergely, J.: Reaction of papain-sensitive and papain-resistant gamma G-globulin with rheumatoid factor and Coombs-serum Gergely, J. - Puskás, É. - Medgyesi, G. A. - Pákh, M. - Igali, A.: Studies of gamma-ray irradiated human IgG Brabec, V. - Pospišilova, V. - Šebestik, V. - Jirásek, A.: Experimenteller Hypersplenismus. Hämatologische Veränderungen bei dem "makromolekulären Syndrom" der Wistar-Ratten Book Review Abstracts From the international literature on haematology News Items 1969 / 4. szám Hollán, S. R.: In memoriam William Dameshek Wiener, A. S. - Moor-Jankovski, J. - Brancato, G. J.: LW factor Astaldi, A., jr. - Burgio, G. R. - Krč, I. - Genova, R. - Astaldi, G.: Inhibition of the PHA-response by L-asparaginase Sztanyik, B. L. - Elson, L. A.: Spleen colony formation in the rat following single lethal doxe X-irradiation and syngeneic bone-marrow transplantation Choné, B. -Radoin, H. A.: Elektronische Registrierung der Leukozyten-Volumenverteilungskurve nach therapeutische Anwendung von 32P, 131J und 198Au Serafimov-Dimitrov, W. - Nedelková, M.: Über den Mechanismus der Erythrophagozytose nach der Transfusion von heterologen Erythrozyten Thomas, K. - Hofmann, F.: Untersuchungen zur Stabilität des Lp(a)-Serumgruppensystems Strausz, I. - Barcsák, J. - Kékes, E. - Szebeni, Á.: Prednisolone-induced acute changes in circulating neutrophil granulocytes. IV. Examinations in infectious mononucleosis Fehér, I. - Gidáli, J.: Factors influencing the growth and differentiation of spleen colonies. I. Nonspecific agents Gallyas, A. - Fehér, I.: Comparative study of the in vivo effects of a heparinoid and phytohaemagglutinin Hollán, S. R.: Imre Batta, on his 70th birthday Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology Contents of Volume 3 Author Index Subject Index

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