Haematologia, 1968

Haematologia, 2 - 1968.


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1968 / 1. szám Pollack, W. - Singher, H. O. - Gorman, J. G. - Freda, V. J.: The prevention of isoimmunization to the Rh factor by passive immunization with RHo (D) immune globulin (human) Lie-Injo, J. E. - Fudenberg, H. H. - Lehmann, H. - Gallo, E.: Simultaneous occurrence of haemoglobin J Baltimore, macroglobulinaemia, haemolytic anaemia, i and increased foetal haemoglobin Dintenfass, L.: Fluidity (internal viscosity) of the erythrocyte and its role n physiology and pathology of circulation Wolff-Płodowska, A. - Murawski, K.: Absorption spectrum of ferrihaemoglobin A2 Lisiewicz, J.: Thromboplastic, antiheparin and antithrombin activity of leukaemic leucocytes Sas, G. - Jákó, J. - Pálos, L. A.: A simple and fast method of plasminogen determination Lopéz, V.: Versuche zur Differentialbestimmung der Plasmininhibitoren im menschlichen Plasma Fischer, M. - Lechner, K.: Eine neue Sippe mit angeborenem Faktor XIII-Mangel de Vries, S. I. - den Cate, J. W. - den Hartog-Veerman, M. E.: Quelques remarques sur la thrombocytopathie acquise des urémiques Graber, H. - Árr, M.: Lymphoid plasmocytoma Strausz, I. - Barcsák, J. - Kékes, E. - Szebeni, Á.: Prednisolone-induced acute changes in circulating neutrophil granulocytes. III. In cases of pernicious anaemia Abstracts From the international literature on haematology 1968 / 2-3. szám Nour-Eldin, F.: The blood-clotting activity of cellular and extracellular tissue thromboplastin Bernát, I. - Fehérvári, T.: Anaemia after thermal injury. III. Iron kinetics Proliferative Activity of Bone Marrow Erythroid Cells of Healthy Subjects and Patients Suffering from Hypoplastic Anaemia Jóżwik, M. - Jasiewicz, A. - Kilczewska, D. - Diakowski, J.: Hexosamine component in the stroma of adult and foetal erythrocytes Árky, I. - Szász, I. - Puskás, É. - Medgyesi, G. A. - Gergely, J.: Some factors influencing aspecific IgG binding to erythrocytes Nagy, G. - Yurgutis, R. P.: Chromosome studies on patients with polycythaemia vera Rappay, Gy. - Fazekas, I. - Balázs, A.: In vitro cultivation of rat bone marrow. I. Transformation of cells Balázs, A.: Enzyme histochemical differentiation of bone marrow and blood myeloid cells in rats Wiener, A. S.: The coding of blood grouping reactions Benkő, S. - Krizsa, F. - Durszt, F. - Szelid, Zs.: The effect of methylcellulose- and endotoxin-treated dog's serum on the blood picture, RES organs and the composition of the serum proteins of untreated rats Open Forum Abstracts From the international literature on haematology 1968 / 4. szám Shoden, A. - Sturgeon, Ph.: Iron storage. VI. Mobilization of iron by Cleeding* Bernát, I. - Dózsán, G. - Magyari, J. - Novák, J.: Anaemia after thermal injury IV. Iron kinetics in burned patients R. Hollán, S. - G. Szelényi, J. - Lelkes, G. - Berzy, H. - Faragó, S. - Rappay, Gy.: Ultrastructural and microspectrophotometric studies of the red cell inclusion bodies in unstable haemoglobin disease Bober, S. - Zimniak, D. - Kruze, D. - Juska, D.: Veränderungen von freiem und gebundenem ##-Amino-N im Plasma und in den Blutkörperchen während der Aufbewahrung von konserviertem Blut Bican, P. - Brabec, V. - Chrobák, L. - Kout, M.: Exchange transport of sugars in erythrocytes of patients suffering from autoimmune haemolytic anaemia and paroxysmal nocturnal haemoglobinuria Boros, M.: The possible cause of the so-called "heparin rebound" phenomenon Klinda, F. - Hrubiško, M.: Lebensdauer der Thrombozyten und Bestimmung ihres Abbauortes bei Thrombozytopenien Fazekas, I. - Bácsy, E. - Rappay, Gy.: In vitro cultivation of rat bone marrow. II. Distribution of acid phosphatase and nonspecific esterase activities Alexejef, G. A. - Levina, D. A.: On the Diffuse Form of Eosinophilic Osteogranuloma Kemény, P. - Köteles, G. - Nagy, L. - Hódosi, J.: Acute leukaemia imitating Burkitt-tumour Kellner, R. - Ottó, Sz. - Pump, K. - Kövecs, Gy.: Two cases of Waldenström-syndrome. "Primary" macroglobulinaemia accompanied by IgG and Bence-Jones paraproteinaemia and generalized lymphosarcomatosis appearing as Waldenström-macroglobulinaemia Abasov, I. T.: The state of peripheral blood in cancer metastases to bone marrow Májský, A.: Ausserordentlicher Fall von zahlreichen serologischen Veränderungen der Blutgruppenantigene an Erythrozyten und Leukozyten bei akuter Leukämie Bogusz, J. - Lisiewicz, J.: Blood and blood-forming organs in hyperthyroidism Book Review Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology News Items Contents of Volume 2 Author Index Subject Index

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