Haematologia, 1975

Haematologia, 9 - 1975.


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1975 / 1-2. szám Cress, D. C. - Metcalf, W. K.: Platelet inhibition of human lymphocyte PHA-induced blastoid transformation Kutas, V. - Elekes, E. - Merétey, K. - Kocsár, L.: Effect of phytohaemagglutinin on primary immune response in the rat Astaldi, G. - Astaldi, G. C. B. - Topuz, Ü. - Guarina, L.: Lymphocyte immunological patterns in leukaemia: A review Révész, T. - Szigeti, R. - Schuler, D.: Rosette formation in acute lymphoid leukaemia Leövey, A. - Fekete, B. - Szegedi, Gy.: Detection in serum of antilymphocyte-globulin administered in formof eye-drops Brocteur, J. - François-Gérard, C. - André, A. - Rademecker, M. - Bruwier, M. - Salmon, J.: Immunization against avian proteins Ben Dawson, R. - Kocholaty, W. F. - Camp, R. - Crater, D. - Ellis, T. J. - Spurlock, W. - Billings, T. A. - Ledford, Edith, B.: Hemoglobin function in stored blood. XIII. A citrate-adenine preservative with optimal pH ot maintain red cell 2,3-DPG (function) and ATP (viability) Łazewska, M. - Saganek, B. - Wojtowicz, Z. - Józwik, M. - Bielecki, M.: Erythropoiesis inhibitor in a patient with hereditary spherocytosis Djuldetti, M. - Fishmen, P. - Bessler, H. - van der Lijn, E.: Corticosteroid effect on eosinophils in vitro: Ultrastructural studies Leszko, B. - Pawelski, S.: Renal function in polycythaemia Nagy, G. - Dezső, I. - Varsányi, M.: Iron metabolism in polycythaemia rubra vera and secondary polycythaemia Effect of erythrocytes on fibrinolysis Brabec, V. - Šebestik, V.: Blood volume changes in "hypersplenic" rats LaBaw, W. L.: Auto-hypnosis in haemophilia Obituary Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology News Item 1975 / 3-4. szám Hoyes, A. D. - Riches, D. J. - Martin, B. G. H.: The fine structure of haemopoiesis in the human fetal liver. II. Origin and ifferentiation of the megakaryocyte Coutelle, Ch. - Reineke, H. H. - Steindamm, E. - Meurer, W. - Grieger, M. - Rosenthal, S.: Synchronization of rabbit bone-marrow cells in vivo Csaba, G. - Richter, T.: Histamine fluorescence in group forming peritoneal cells of the rat embryo Ultrastructural Cytochemistry of Peroxidase and Acid Phosphates in Mouse Eosinophils A kinetic model of experimental leukosis Wiener, A. S. - Moon, G. J.: A "new" blood factor, Cl, demonstrated with extracts of seeds of the Korean Clerodendron trichotomum Thunberg Tovell, T. R.: Rh0 or D,-D- and the blocking patterns. A genetic (template) explanation Valló, D. - Halmosdi, G. - Perkedi, J.: Lack of immune tolerance to hepatitis B antigen in offsprings of guinea pigs injected with HB Ag during pregnancy Mintz, U. - Bar-Meir, S. - Shaklai, M. - Pinkhas, J. - de Vries, A.: Blastic crisis in previously clinically silent chronic myelogenous leukemia Jákó, J. - Virágh, Sz. - Boga, M. - Brooser, G. - Dóbiás, Gy. - Domán, J. - Ottó, Sz. - Riskó, Z. - Szemere, P.: A case of IgD-lambda myeloma Nagy, G. - Stenszky, V. - Timár, I. - Murvay, K.: Tissue antigens and cytotoxic antibodies in polycythaemia rubra vera Nagy, G. - Léhi, M. - Petrányi, Gy.: Cytostatic treatment of polycythaemia rubra vera. Comparison of the effects of some cytostatics in 100 patients in a period of five years Book Reviews Abstracts From the International Literature on Haematology Contents - Volume 9 Author Index Subject Index

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