Acta Mathematica, 1987

Acta Mathematica, 49 - 1987. ISSN 0236-5294


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1987 / 1-2. szám Bognár M.: On axiomatization of the theory of linking Hermann T. - Kis O. - Vértesi P.: On certain rational interpolatory operators Nagy B.: Spectral measures with singularities Sebestyén Z.: Operator moment theorems for C+-algebras Nanda, S.: Strongly almost summable and strongly almost convergent sequences Yoneda, K.: A note on convergence of Walsh-Fourier series of a function on a class V Dhompongsa, S.: Almost sure invariance principles for the empirical process of lacunary sequences Dryanov, D. P.: On the convergence and saturation problem of a sequence of discrete linear operators of exponential type in Lp(-, ) spaces Vy, Duong Thuy: A fifth-order iterative method for solving equations Helms, L. L.: Biharmonic functions with prescribed fine normal derivative on the Martin boundary Boyadzhiev, K. N.: An asymptotic Fuglede theorem for generators of C0 groups Choy, S. T. L.: Vector-valued idempotent measures Kataoka, T. - Sato, R. - Suzuki, H.: Differentiation of superadditive processes in Lp Alon, N.: Monochromatic directed walks in arc-colored directed graphs Varma, A. K.: A new characterization of Hermite polynomials Tzintzis, G.: An almost subidempotent radical property Gallai T.: Signierte Zellenzerlegungen. II Joó I.: On the reachability set of a string Maksa Gy.: The general solution of a functional equation arising in information theory Erdélyi T.: Pointwise estimates for the derivatives of a polynomial with real zeros Bogmér A. - Sövergjártó A.: On universal functions Pintér F.: A Jackson-type estimation on the real line by interpolation Erdős P. - Pomerance, C. - Sárközy A.: On locally repeated values of certain arithmetic functions. II Komornik V. - Tiba, D.: On the control of strongly nonlinear hyperbolic systems Brindza B.: On the equation F(x, y)=zm over function fields Márkus L.: Radon-Nikodym derivative in the case of a random Schrödinger-type equation Móricz F. - Tandori K.: Counterexamples in the theory of orthogonal series Aharoni, R. - Hajnal P.: Transversals for ordinal intervals 1987 / 3-4. szám Muneer, Y. E.: On lagrange and hermite interpolation. I Tzintzis, G.: A one-sided admissible ideal radical which is almost subidempotent Kôno, N.: On generalized Takagi functions Berman, D. L.: Issledovanie Shodimosti Rasširennogo Interolâcionnogo Processa Krylova - Štaermana Kiventidis, T.: Une contribution a la stabilité des équations différentielles ordinaires dans les espaces localement convexes Fugelo, N. A. - Varbanec, P. D.: On a trigonometric sum and its application Zięba, W.: On some properties of a set of probability measures Bisztriczky Tibor - Schaer, J.: Affinely embeddable convex sets Sobolev, V. A.: Decomposition of linear singularly perturbed systems Mazhar, S. M. - Al-Budaiwi, A.: An estimate of the rate of convergence of the conjugate Fourier series of functions of bounded variation Rayar, Mary: A note on small rings Malliah, C. - Bhatta, P. S.: On lattices whose congruences form Stone lattices Rosický, J.: Multiplicative lattices and frames Sárközy A.: On the distribution of residues of products of integers Buczolich, Z.: On universal functions and series Chak, A. M. - Szabados J.: On (0, 2) interpolation for the Laguerre abscissas Simon P.: Strong convergence of certain means with respect to the Walsh-Fourier series Laczkovich M. - Pokorný, I.: Selective and bi-selective derivatives Kaczorowski, J. - Pintz, J.: Oscillatory properties of arithmetical functions. II Göndöcs F. - Michaletzky Gy.: A note on invariant measures Császár Á.: Proximities, screens, merotopies, uniformities. I Schmidt, E. T.: On locally order-polynomially complete modular lattices Elbert Á.: On the half-linear second order differential equations

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 49. (1987)
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