Acta Mathematica, 1991

Acta Mathematica, 57 - 1991. ISSN 0236-5294


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1991 / 1-2. szám Johnson, D. P.: Upcrossings of the random walk Baâsgalan, C.: Čislovaâ oblast’ linejnyh operatorov v prostranstvah s indefinitnoj metrikoj Mashhour, A. S. - Allam, A. A. - Zahran, A. M.: On S-closed spaces Nieto, J. J. - Rao, V. S. H.: Periodic solutions for scalar lienard equations Berman, D. L.: Obobsenie odnoj teoremy P. B. Saksena I. S. R. Misra Lehtonen, A.: On the construction of Ljusternik-Schnirelmann critical values in banach spaces Adams, M. E. - Beazer, R.: Congruence uniform distributive lattices Mrozek, M.: Some remarks on Garay's conjecture Alon, N. - Peres, Y.: A note on euclidean Ramsey theory and a construction of Bourgain Kon, M.: A theorem on anti-invariant minimal submanifolds of an odd dimensional sphere Borges, C. R.: Lots and go spaces Oehmke, R. H.: On essential right congruences of a semigroup Kilgore, T.: Optimal interpolation with exponentially weighted polynomials on an unbounded interval Bognár M.: Cohomological pseudomanifolds Császár Á.: Iliadis absolutes for Arbitrary spaces Kis B.: Homogeneous connections and their osculations on the vertical subbundle Móricz F.: Extensions of the spacesc and c0 from single to double sequences Szalay I. - Tanović-Miller, N.: On banach spaces of absolutely and strongly convergent fourier series. II Joó I. - Szabados J.: On the weighted mean convergence of interpolating processes Sands, A. D. - Szabó S.: Factorization of periodic subsets Joó I.: Saturation theorems for Hermite-Fourier series Berkes I.: A note on Lacunary trigonometric series 1991 / 3-4. szám Pu, H. W. - Pu, H. H.: On the first class of Baire generated by continuous functions on RN relative to the almost Euclidean topology Larson, L.: Approximate smoothness and Baire Phong, Bui Minh: On generalized Lehmer sequences Atkin, C. J.: Boundedness in uniform spaces, topological groups, and homogeneous spaces Kita, H.: Convergence of Fourier series of a function on generalized Wiener's class BV (p(n)) Argyros, I. K.: On the improvement of the speed of convergence of some iterations converging to solutions of quadratic equations Crnjac, M. - Guljaš, B. - Miller, H. I.: On some questions of Ger, Grubb and Kraljević Bartelt, M. W. - Swetits, J. J.: Local Lipschitz constants and Kolushov polynomials Faticoni, Theodore G.: E-rings as localizations of orders Bruckner, A. M. - Petruska, G. - Preiss, D. - Thomson, B. S.: The equation uxuy=0 factors Révész Sz. Gy.: A Fejér type extremal problem Balázs, Katherine - Kilgore, T. - Vértesi P.: An interpolatory version of Timan's theorem on simultaneous approximation Bezdek, K. - Connelly, R.: Lower bounds for packing densities Paez, J. - Sebestyén Z. - Stochel, J.: Restrictions of compact normal operators Buczolich, Z.: A general Riemann complete integral in the plane Tandori K.: Über die Konvergenz Mehrfacher Orthogonalreihen Michaletzky, Gy.: Sufficiency in the non-weakly dominated case Buczolich, Z. - Laczkovich Miklós: Concentrated Borel measures Hermann, T.: On Hermite-Fejér interpolation of higher order Móricz F. - Schipp, F.: On the integrability and L1-convergence of double Walsh series

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 57. (1991)
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