Acta Mathematica, 1989

Acta Mathematica, 53 - 1989. ISSN 0236-5294


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1989 / 1-2. szám Garay B. M.: Parallelizability in Banach spaces: Applications of negligibility theory Tandori K.: Über Die Mittel Von Orthogonalen Funktionen. III Sauer, N. - Stone, M. G.: Foliations and applications to structure problems Bejdar, K. I. - Salavova, K.: Ov odnom klasse kolec s susestvennym pravym cokolem Hannick, Francis T. - Hewitt, Gloria C.: Characterizations of generalized noetherian rings Sun, Xiehua: Lagrange interpolation of functions of generalized bounded variation Berman, D. L: O Susestvovanii Linejnogo Polinomial’nogo Operatora Na Topologičeskih Gruppah Mari, J. Mas: On a general open mapping theorem by M. Valdivia Borwein, D. - Cass, F. P. - Sayre, J. E.: On strong generalized Hausdorff summability Schmitt, L. M.: Semidiscrete Hilbert spaces Concilio, A. - Naimpally, S. A.: A unified approach to metrization problems Srivastava, H. M.: An extension of theq-Saalschützian theorem Reuter, K.: The Kurosh-Ore exchange property Goeters, P.: Generating an injective class of torsion-free abelian groups Cavaretta, A. S. - Dikshit, H. P. - Sharma, A.: Convergence of certain polynomial interpolants to a function defined on the unit circle Hegyvári N.: Some remarks on a problem of Erdős and Graham Bosznay Á. P.: On the lower estimation of non-averaging sets Bognár M.: On the exterior linear measure Czédli G. - Lengvárszky Zs.: Two notes on independent subsets in lattices Pálfy P. P. - Szalay M.: Further probabilistic results on the symmetricp-groups Erdős P. - Vértesi P.: On certain saturation problems Ésik Z. - Gécseg F.: A decidability result for homomorphic representation of automata by A0-products Graham, S. W. - Pintz, J.: The distribution of r-free numbers Erdélyi T. - Szabados J.: Bernstein type inequalities for a class of polynomials 1989 / 3-4. szám Yakovlev, S. V.: On a class of problems on covering of a bounded set Maxsein, T.: Potenzreihen mit fastgeraden Koeffizienten Dam, Bui Khoi: Bmo-sequences and amarts Jiaxing, He: Convergence order of interpolation process by Bernstein polynomials Wysocki, H.: The result derivative, distributive results Varadarajan, K. - Wani, P. R.: Modules over endomorphism rings. II Bell, H. E. - Kappe, L. C.: Rings in which derivations satisfy certain algebraic conditions Brünner, R. - Perelli, A. - Pintz, J.: The exceptional set for the sum of a prime and a square Bogmér A.: A string equation with special boundary conditions Brindza B.: On the equation f(x)=ym over finitely generated domains Joó I.: A Brouwer type theorem Kozma L.: On osculation of Finsler-type connections Vértesi P.: Remarks on convergence of Gaussian quadrature for singular integrals Száz Á.: Projective and inductive generations of relator spaces

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 53. (1989)
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