Acta Mathematica, 1988

Acta Mathematica, 52 - 1988. ISSN 0236-5294


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1988 / 1-2. szám Avdonin, S. A. - Joó I.: Riesz bases of exponentials and sine-type functions Bognár M.: On linking Jordan curves Császár Á.: Proximities, screens, merotopies, uniformities. III Nayak, S. S.: Almost sure limit points of sample extremes of an i.i.d. sequence Blasco, J. L.: A note on inverse-closed subalgebras of C(X) Brandenburg, H.: On para-uniform nearness spaces and D-complete regularity Hirano, Y.: On rings with unique minimal subrings Awtar, R.: Jordan derivations and Jordan homomorphisms on prime rings of characteristic 2 Huynh, Dinh Van: A note on rings with chain conditions Luu, Dinh Quang: Summability and amarts of finite order in Fréchet spaces Leavitt, W. G.: Cogenerators of radicals Isaac, R.: A limit theorem for probabilities related to the random bombardment of a square Goeters, H. P.: Generating cotorsion theories and injective classes Krajka, A. - Rychlik, Z.: The order of approximation in the central limit theorem for random summation Berman, D. L.: K teorii interpolâci i s graničnymi usloviâmi Zaharov, V. K.: Hyperstonean cover and second dual extension Császár Á.: Proximities, screens, merotopies, uniformities. IV Bosznay Á. P.: Solving the farthest point problem in finite codimensional subspace of C(O) Horváth M.: Vibrating strings with free ends Magyar Z.: On a conjecture about functions not belonging to L2 Daróczy Z. - Kátai I.: On functions additive with respect to interval filling sequences Dobi J.: A remark on the norm of the Banach space of uniformly strong convergent trigonometric series Páles Zs.: On a pexider-type functional equation for quasideviation means Nagy B.: On the spectral singularities of the truncated shift Pintér F. - Vértesi P.: A Grünwald-Marcinkiewicz type theorem for Lagrange interpolation by entire functions of exponential type 1988 / 3-4. szám Srivastava, J. B. - Shah, S. K.: Group algebras with every proper quotient finite dimensional Loi, N. H.: Estimate for the difference of the first derivatives of partial sums arising by non-selfadjoint Sturm-Liouville operators Abel, U.: A proof of Mikusiński's theorem on bounded moments with bernstein polynomials Mikusiński, P.: Boehmians and generalized functions Saxena, Anjula: Interpolation by almost quartic splines Younis, M. S.: Fourier transformations of functions with symmetrical differences Groenewald, N. J.: The completely prime radical in near-rings Bahšecân, A. V.: O srednih dlâ centrir ovannyh sistem funkcij Katchalski, M. - Meir, A.: On empty triangles determined by points in the plane Wagner, G.: On a problem of Erdős, Herzog and Piranian Császár Á.: u-Isomorphic semigroups of continuous functions in locally compact spaces Evertse, J. H. - Győry K.: On the number of polynomials and integral elements of given discriminant Kertész G.: On totally separable packings of equal balls Joó I.: On the order of approximation by Fejér means of Hermite-Fourier and Laguerre-Fourier series Bognár M.: On embedding of locally compact abelian topological groups in euclidean spaces. I Kátai I.: Uniform distribution of sequences connected with aritmetical functions Daróczy Z. - Kátai I.: Generalized number systems in the complex plane Magyar Z.: On the representation of the dual of a real C*-algebra Erdélyi T.: Markov type estimates for derivatives of polynomials of special type

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 52. (1988)
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