Acta Mathematica, 1982

Acta Mathematica, 40 - 1982. ISSN 0001-5954


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1982 / 1-2. szám Gevorkân, G. G.: O edinstvennosti râdov po centrirovannym N-sistemam Hill, D. A.: Artinian rings in which one sided ideals are quasi-projective Vértesi P.: New estimation for the Lebesgue function of Lagrange interpolation Dutta, T. K.: Generalised smooth functions O'Malley, R. J.: Selective differentiation: Redefining selections Blasco, J. L.: On the product of two bR-spaces and the class B of Frolík Pena, M. L.: On the stability of systems of neutral type Gyires B.: Doubly ordered linear rank statistics Beck J.: Remarks on positional games. I Gardner, B. J. - Wiegandt R.: Characterizing and constructing special radicals Yahya, S. M.: Tensor product of modules over Dedekind domains Leindler L.: Some additional results on the strong approximation of orthogonal series Beidar, K. I. - Salavová, K.: Some examples of supernilpotent non-special radicals Bosznay Á. P.: A remark on a problem of A. Rényi Kiss P.: On common terms of linear recurrences Száz Á.: Tempered generalized functions and their Fourier transforms Babu, G. J.: Distribution of the values of in short intervals Madison, E. W.: A hierarchy of regular open sets of the Cantor space Yoneda, K.: Positive definite generalized measures on the dyadic field Longnecker, M. T.: Generalized SLLN under weak multiplicative dependence restrictions Komornik V.: Minimax theorems for upper semicontinuous functions Corrádi Keresztély - Hermann P.: p-nilpotence and factor groups of p-subgroups Laczkovich Miklós - Petruska Gy.: Sectionwise properties and measurability of functions of two variables Kroó, A.: Some theorems on unicity of multivariate L1-approximation 1982 / 3-4. szám Hwang, J. S.: On a problem of Turán about the optimal (0,2)-interpolation Abbott, H. L.: On non-averaging sets of integers Bialostocki, A. - Roditty, Y.: 3K2-decomposition of a graph Deo, Satya - Palanichamy, P.: On orbit spaces of compact group actions Vértesi P.: On sums of Lebesgue function type Mukerjee, H. G.: On an improved rate of convergence to normality for sums of dependent random variables with applications to stochastic approximation Mingarelli, A. - Krall, A. M.: Laguerre type polynomials under an indefinite inner product Feigelstock, S.: A note on a paper of Ayoub Páles Zs.: Characterization of quasideviation means Puczyłowski, E. R.: On radicals of semigroup rings Luc D. T.: On Nash equilibrium. I Schramm, M. - Waterman, D.: Absolute convergence of Fourier series of functions of DBV(p) and fLBV Ismatullaev, Š. A. - Joó I.: Teoremy o ravnoshodimosti Komornik V.: The asymptotic behaviour of the eigenfunctions of higher order of the Schrödinger operator Piochi, B.: On Szép's decompositions of idempotent-generated semigroups Dallas, A. C.: Some results on record values from the exponential and Weibull law Günttner, R.: Über ein Interpolationsverfahren von S. N. Bernstein Bárány I. - Lovász L.: Borsuk's theorem and the number of facets of centrally symmetric polytopes Balázs Catherine - Szabados J.: Approximation by Bernstein type rational functions. II

Item Type: Journal
Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Volume 40. (1982)
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