Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 2001

Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 48 - 2001. ISSN 1216-8076


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2001 / 1-3. sz. 1 BÁNRÉTI ZOLTÁN: Guest editor's note 5 INTERFACES BETWEEN LECIXON AND SENTENCE STRUCTURE 7 BARTOS HUBA: Sound-form non-insertion and the direction of ellipsis 7 BÁNRÉTI ZOLTÁN: Multiple lexical selection and parallelism in Hungarian VP ellipsis 29 GYURIS BEÁTA: Semantic licensing of VP-ellipsis 63 TOLCSVAI NAGY GÁBOR: Conceptual metaphors and blends of 'understanding' and 'knowledge' in Hungarian 83 PNONOLOGICAL REPRESENTATION IN THE HIERARCHICAL LEXICON 105 TRÓN VIKTOR - REBRUS PÉTER: Morphophonology and the hierarchical lexicon 105 TÖRKENCZY MIKLÓS: Phonotactic grammaticality and the lexikon 141 SZIGETVÁRI PÉTER: Dismantling syllable structure 159 NEUROLINGUISTICS IN THE MENTAL LEXICON 187 KISS KATALIN: Lexical retrieval of complex predicates in an agrammatic aphasic subject's sentence production 187 MÉSZÁROS ÉVA: Person and number agreement in agrammatism 221 LUKÁCS ÁGNES - RACSMÁNY MIHÁLY - PLÉH CSABA: Vocabulary and morphological patterns in Hungarian children with Williams syndrome : a preliminary report 247 KÉRI SZABOLCS - SZENDI ISTVÁN - BENEDEK GYÖRGY - JANKA ZOLTÁN: Clinical evidence of separate neuronal systems for phonemic, semantic and action information 275 BOOK REVIEWS 295 VÉRTES EDIT: Csepregi Márta: Szurguti osztják chrestomathia 295 VÉRTES EDIT: Csepregi Márta: Finnugor kalauz 300 LADÁNYI MÁRIA: Kiefer Ferenc: Jelentéselmélet = Semantic theory 302 LADÁNYI MÁRIA: Multilingua : Journal of cross-cultural and interlanguage communication : Special issue: Language contact in East-Central-Europe 309 TÓTH ILDIKÓ: Puskás Genoveva: Word order in Hungarian 313 2001 / 4. sz. 323 HAADER LEA: Guest editor's note 329 E. ABAFFY ERZSÉBET: On the origin of Hungarian verbal number and persons makers : controversial issues 335 DÖMÖTÖR ADRIENNE: Tendencies in the development of Late Old Hungarian and Early Middle Hungarian main clauses of reported speech 351 FORGÁCS TAMÁS: Die postalveolare Assimilation und ihre Ausnahman - aus der Sicht der ungarischen Sprachgeschichte 385 HORVÁTH LÁSZLÓ: Onomatopöie im Etimologischen Wörterbuch des Ungarischen : Prinzipien und Methoden 403 JUHÁSZ DEZSÕ: Einige Fragen der historischen Morphologie des Ungarischen aus der Sicht der Sprachgeographie 443 ZELLIGER ERZSÉBET: Methodologische und terminologische Fragen zu den verbalen und nominalen Wortstämmen in bezug auf die Historische Grammatik des Ungarischen 469 BOOK REVIEW 483 KIEFER FERENC: Stefan Engelberg: Verben, Ereignisse und das Lexikon : Limguistische Arbeiten 414. 483

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