Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 1997

Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 44 - 1997. ISSN 1216-8076


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1997 / 1-2. sz. 1 PLÉH CSABA: Guest editor's note 5 APHASIA 7 BÁNRÉTI ZOLTÁN: Sentence parsing in aphasia : grammaticality judgements by Hungarian Broca's aphasics 7 KISS KATALIN: The effect of verb complexity in agrammatic aphasics' sentence production 47 MACWHINNEY, BRIAN - OSMAN-SÁGI JUDIT: Agreement processing in Hungarian aphasics 77 MÉSZÁROS ÉVA: Performance on sentence repetition in a Broca's aphasic patient 91 PROCESSING 115 GERGELY GYÖRGY: The role focus-based inferences in antecedent matching : topic foregrounding at the clause-boundary 115 AQUISITION 155 BABARCZY ANNA: The order of aquisition of functional categories and movement in Hungarian 155 GÓSY MÁRIA: Developmental language impairment : aspects of speech perception and comprehension 179 JAROVINSKIJ, ALEXANDR: The stucture of the mental lexicon in Hungarian-Russian bilingual children 207 KASSAI ILONA: Prosodic errors in the aquisition of Hungarian : a case study 229 PLÉH CSABA - WINKLER ZSUZSANNA - KÁLMÁN LÁSZLÓ: Early morphology of spatial expressions in Hungarian children : a CHILDES study 253 CONTEXTS OF LEARNING 265 DÖRNYEI ZOLTÁN: Motivational factors in second language attainment : a review of research in Hungary 265 LANGMAN, JULIET: Analysing second language learners' communication strategies : Chinese speakers of Hungarian 281 LENGYEL ZSOLT: Ontogenesis of the Hungarian written language 305 1997 / 3-4. sz. 321 É. KISS KATALIN: Guest editor's note 327 ACKERMAN, FARRELL - WEBELHUTH, GERT: The composition of (dis)continuous predicates : lexical or syntactic? 329 ALBERTI GÁBOR: Restrictions on the degree of referentiality of arguments in Hungarian sentences 353 BARTOS HUBA: On 'subjective' and 'objective' agreement in Hungarian 375 KOCSÁNY PIROSKA: Pro-Drop und Textkohärenz: Interagierende Regeln im Gebrauch des Subjektspronomens im Ungarischen 397 LACZKÓ TIBOR: Action nominalization and the possessor function within Hungarian and English noun phrases 425

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