Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 1996

Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 43 - 1996.


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1995 / 1-2. sz. 1 KIEFER FERENC: Preface 5 ANWAR, MOHAMED SAMI: The case of un- 7 BAUER, LAURIE: Is morpological productivity non-linguistic? 23 BEHRENS, LEILA: Lexical rules cross-cutting inflection and derivation 37 CECH, PETRA: Inflection/derivation in Sepecides-Romani 71 ESCHENLOHR, STEFANIE: Derivational morphology and the system of word classes in German 97 FRADIN, BERNARD: On morphological entities and the copy principle 115 KENESEI ISTVÁN: On bracketing paradoxes in Hungarian 157 KIEFER FERENC: Prefix reduplication in Hungarian 179 NIKOLAJEVIC, DRAGANA: The visual field effects on processing words in grammatical context 199 PLÉH CSABA - JUHÁSZ LEVENTE: Processing of multimorphemic words in Hungarian 215 SUGIOKA, YOKO: Regularity in inflection and derivation : rule vs. analogy in Japanese deverbal compound formation 235 SZYMANEK, BOGDAN: Parametric dimensions in morhology : on inalienable possession in English and Polish 259 ZWANENBURG, WIECHER: French adverb formation, derivation versus inflection and word structure levels 281 1995 / 3-4. sz. 301 KONTRA MIKLÓS: Guest editor's note 305 VÁRADI TAMÁS: Stylistic variation and the (bVn) variable in the Budapest Sociolinguistic Interview 307 BORBÉLY ANNA: Attitudes as a factor of language choice : a sociolinguistic investigation in a bilingual community of Romanian-Hungarians 323 LANGMAN, JULIET: The role of code-switching in achieving understanding : Chinese speakers of Hungarian 335 KONTRA MIKLÓS: English Only's Cousin : Slovak Only 357 BEREGSZÁSZI ANIKÓ: Language planning issues of Hungarian place-names in Subcarpathia 385 FENYVESI ANNA: The case of American Hungarian case : morphological change in McKeesport, PA 393 BARTHA CSILLA: Social and linguistic characteristics of immigrant language shift : the case of Hungarian in Detroit 417 BOOK REVIEWS 445 RIESE, TIMOTHY: Kassai Ilona: Kétnyelvűség és magyar nyelvhasználat = Bilingualism and Hungarian language usage 445 HETZRON, ROBERT: Vázsonyi Andrew - Kontra Miklós: Túl a Kecegárdán : Calumet-vidéki amerikai magyar szótár = Beyond castle garden : an American Hungarian dictionary of the Calumet region 447 FENYVESI ANNA: Zalabai Zsigmod: Mit ér a nyelvünk, ha magyar? = What is our language worth if it is Hungarian? 448 PECKHAM, DONALD W.: Jeffrey Harlig - Pléh Csaba: When East met West : sociolinguistics in the former socialist bloc 449 OLSSON, MAGNUS: Response to Siptár's review 453

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