Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 1994

Acta Linguistica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, 42 - 1994.


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1994 / 1-2. sz. 1 GÓSY MÁRIA - SIPTÁR PÉTER: Guest editor's note 5 SIPTÁR PÉTER: Palatalization rules in Hungarian 7 GÓSY MÁRIA: The effect of syntagmatic context on lexical access 35 OLASZY GÁBOR: Sound duration measurements in declarative sentences 53 SZENDE TAMÁS: Do historical changes repeat themselves : on historical 'two-open-syllable shortening' and present day 'fast-speech syllable elision' in Hungarian 65 KASSAI ILONA: Has speech tempo speeded up in Hungarian over the past 100-120 years? 77 BALÁZS BOGLÁRKA: Voice quality changes in old age 85 VICSI KLÁRA - KOVÁCS-VASS EMŐKE - BARCZIKAY PÉTER: A speech improvement technique based on visual feedback 95 HEGYI ÁGNES: Cognitive language therapy in global aphasia 105 BOOK REVIEWS 119 KONTRA MIKLÓS: Szende Tamás: Phonological representation and lenition processes 119 PLÉH CSABA: Gósy Mária: Speech perception 122 SIPTÁR PÉTER: Magnus Olsson: Hungarian phonology and morphology 123 SZIGETVÁRI PÉTER: Julián Méndez Dosuna - Carmen Pensado: Naturalists at Krems 131 TÖRKENCZY MIKLÓS: Gósy Mária: Temporal factors in speech : a collection of papers 140 1994 / 3-4. sz. 153 KÁLMÁN LÁSZLÓ: Preface 157 MCCLURE, WILLIAM: The progressive : Japanese vs. English 159 SZABOLCSI ANNA: All quantifiers are not equal : the case of focus 181 KLINK, BART VAN - ROYAKKERS, LAMBER: Analogy comprehension as complexity reduction 199 ÁBEL PÉTER - MALECZKI MÁRTA: Specificity 219 CAVEDON, LAWRENCE - GLASBEY, SHEILA: Outline of an information-flow model of generics 237 ASHER, NICHOLAS - SABLAYROLLES, PIERRE: A compositional semantics for the spatiotemporal properties of motion verbs and spatial PPs in French 257 BEAVER, DAVID: An infinite number of monkeys 263 VERSCHUUR, LEON: Flexibly disambiguating metonymy 282 FARKAS, DONKA F.: An indexical theory of scope 293 PÓLOS LÁSZLÓ: Logical semantics of deferred information 315 FOX, CHRIS: Existence presuppositions and category mistakes 335

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