Acta Physica, 1961

Acta Physica, 13 - 1961.


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1961 / 1. szám J. Levy: Les trajectoires du champ unifié I. Abonyi: Classical Relativistic Motion of a Pole Particle under the Action of External and Proper Scalar Fields K. L. Nagy: Propagators with Dipole Ghosts for Fermion Fields A. Ádám - L. Bod - L. Pál: Measurement of Thermal Neutron Diffusion Parameters in Water and in Solid Diphenyl with Pulsed Neutron Source R. S. Ingarden: Informationstheorie, Bohr-Rosenfeldsche Unbestimmtheitsrelationen und das Problem der optimalen optischen Abbildung T. Tietz: Some Practical Remarks Concerning the Calculation of the Phase Shifts of the Yukawa Potential J. Weiszburg: Electroluminescence at Low Voltage A. Lőrinczy - G. Pataki: Reverse Characteristics of Germanium Junction Diodes Armin Uhlmann: Über eine Klasse dinamischer Grössen G. Domokos: On the High Energy Behaviour of the Pion-Nucleon Elastic Scattering Amplitude I. Biró: Zur Berechnung der Grüneisenschen Kostante des metallischen Silbers Brief Reports T. A. Hoffmann - J. Ladik: A Possible Interpretation of the Carcinogenic Effect of Radiations and Carcinogenic Hydrocarbons on the Basis of the Electronic Structure of Deoxyribonucleic Acid T. A. Hoffmann - J. Ladik - A. Udvardy: An Attempt to Explain the Anticarcinogenic Activity of Some Nucleotide-Base Antimetabolites by the Electronic Structure of Deoxyribonucleic Acid G. Pataki: Application of Irreversible Thermodynamics in the Theory of Recombination in Semiconductors 1960 / 2. szám J. Ladik: The Ground State of the Hydrogen Molecule on the Basis of Relativistic Quantum Mechanics with the Aid of the Wang Wave Function II. J. Ladik: Approximate Determination of the Most Important Radiation Correction Energy Terms for the Ground State of the Hydrogen Molecule K. Ladányi - P. Szépfalusy: An Approximate Solution of a Generalized Statistical Model M. Schubert - B. Wilhelmi: Über die Möglichkeit der Bestimmung molekularer Dipolmomente aus der statistischen Theorie L. Medveczky - G. Somogyi: Range of Protons in the Agfa K2 Nuclear Emulsion L. Ernst: Examination of Tantalum Monocrystal Tips by Means of a Field Emission Microscope E. Lendvay - J. Schanda - J. Weiszburg: Some Remarks on the D. C. and A. C. Electroluminescence of ZnS.Cu:Mn G. Lakatos - J. Bitó: On Moving Striations of Low-Pressure Mercury Discharges N. A. Ismailov - J. A. Krugliak - R. Gáspár - I. Tamássy-Lentei: Quantum-Mechanical Calculation of Proton Affinity Z. Füzessy: Die Bestimmung der Elektronendichte des J-Atoms auf Grund des statistischen Atommodells A. Kónya: Über die Reihenfolge der Besetzung der Quantenzustände in Atomen P. Gombás: Über die Korrelationsenergie und das Korrelationspotential eines Elektronengases Brief Reports Zs. Csoma: Die Impulsverteilung der Nukleonen im Atomkern G. Lakatos - J. Bitó: The Influence of External Resistance on the Moving Striations of the Positive Column E. Lendvay: Luminescence of Adsorbed Fluorecein Book Review 1960 / 3. szám G. Pócsik: Many-Body Propagators of a Self-Coupled Spinor Field in Edwards-lieb's Approximation J. Szabó - Cs. Hargitai: Die Eindeutigkeit der magnetohydrodynamischen Strömung barotroper, leitender Medien G. Lakatos - J. Bitó: Time Dependence of Some Parameters of A. C. Discharges A. Szalay - A. Kovách: Fission Product Precipitation from the Atmosphere in Debrecen, Hungary, between 1958 and 1960 E. Lendvay: Luminescence of Fluorescein Activated Layer Phosphors I. Kovács: Investigation of the 3? State of the PH Molecule G. Pataki: On the time Dependence of Irreversible Processes A. Frenkel: Semi-Classical Description of High-Energy Electron Scattering on Heavy Nuclei E. Lendvay: The Role of Surface Hydroxils of Al2O3*xH2O in the Luminescence of Adsorbed Fluorescein Molecules Brief Reports P. Vértes: On the K-Mesonic Interaction of Muons E. Kapuy: Configuration Interaction for Wave-Functions Constructed from Orthogonal Many-Electron Group Orbitals L. Malicskó - Z. Morlin: Färbung von Natriumchloridpulver durch Exoelektronen T. Tietz: An Analytical Expression for the Potential Energy Function of Diatomic Molecules T. Tietz: The Uncertainty Principle and the Bohr Theory Book Reviews 1960 / 4. szám F. Károlyházy: Über Kohärenzeigenschaften der <inkohärenten> Streustrahlung T. A. Hoffmann: The Theory of Melting A. Szalay - M. Szilágyi: Investigations Cencerning the Retention of Fission Products on Humic Acids A. Szalay - J. Csikai - J. Bacsó: Critical Comments on the Investigation of the Electron-Neutrino Angular Correlation by the Cloud Chamber Method Hussein Elkholy: A Method for Measuring the Hall Coefficient at High Temperatures P. Gombás: Zur Herleitung der Grundgleichung der statistischen Theorie des Atoms Brief Reports E. Kapuy: Derivation of "Almost" Orthogonal Two-Electron Orbitals E. Lendvay - J. Schanda: On the Luminescence of Manganous Phtalate J. Ladik: A Note on the Nucleic Acid - Protein Coding Problem B. Jeszenszky - J. Kiss: Neuere Messungen zur Leitfähigkeit verformter Steinsalzkristalle

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