Problems of Control and Information Theory, 1990

Problems of Control and Information Theory, 19 - 1990. ISSN 0370-2529


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1990 / 1. szám Fattorini, H. O. - Frankowska, H.: Explicit convergence estimates for suboptimal controls, I Hejda, I. - Veselý, V. - Murgaš, J.: Decentralized adaptive control of partially known systems Motreanu, D.: Strong accessibility with respect to a submersion Aubin, J.-P.: Fuzzy differential inclusions 1990 / 2. szám Fattorini, H. O. - Frankowska, H.: Explicit convergence estimates for suboptimal controls, II Szigeti, F.: Realization and approximate realization by multisystems governed by parabolic equations Lokshin, M. D.: On the optimal control of a linear system under the condition of the integral disturbance constraint Novovicová, J.: Mr-estimators and gnostical estimators of location Rashad, A. M.: Random coding bounds on the rate for list-decoding superimposed codes Bui Van Thanh: On the capacity of arbitrarily varying channels under general state constraints 1990 / 3. szám Emelyanov, S. V. - Gendler, M. B. - Felman, D. P.: Flexibility of manufacturing systems: concept, kinds, indicators Tsybakov, A. B.: Locally-polynomial algorithms of passive stochastic approximation Vasiliev, V. A. - Konev, V. V.: On sequential parameter estimation of continuous dynamic systems by discrete time observations Michálek, J.: Asymptotic Rényi's rate of Gaussian processes Mohamed, K. A. - Jereb, L.: Analysis of CSMA/CD protocols in integrated environment Maršík, J.: Robust adaptive PID controller with automatic adjustment of sampling period Szuster, J. - Żurawiecki, J.: An equivalence of controlled shift-registers 1990 / 4. szám Shields, P. C.: Universal almost sure data compression using Markov types Brykalov, S. A.: The existence of temperature distributions close to a prescribed one in some control systems Cheng, D. - Dayawansa, W. - Martin, C.: Global controllability of reduced input nonlinear systems Michálek, J.: I-divergence of some diffusion processes Willems, F. M. J.: The maximal-error and average-error capacity region of the broadcast channel are identical: A direct proof Yaroslavsky, L. P. - Siverguina, I. F.: Textures, game "life" and non-linear dynamic systems 1990 / 5-6. szám Hasminkii, R. Z. - Lebedev, V. S.: On the properties of parametric estimators for areas of a discontinuous image Michálek, J.: Yule-Walker estimates and asymptotic I-divergence rate Bugnon, F. J.: On the convergence of guaranteed state observation Haroutunian, E. A.: Logarithmically asymptotically optimal testing of multiple statistical hypotheses Bui VanThanh: Storage capacity of computer memories with defects Kerekes, I.: Stability analysis of random access systems with variable slot length Velikova, E. D.: A generalization of some upper bounds on covering radius under an arbitrary additive metric Emelyanov, S. V. - Zhivoglyadov, P. V. - Korovin, S. K. - Nikitin, S. V.: Groups of isometries and some stabilization and stabilizability aspects of uncertain systems

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Additional Information: Problems of Control and Information Theory, Vol. 19. (Budapest, 1990)
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T Technology / alkalmazott, műszaki tudományok > TK Electrical engineering. Electronics Nuclear engineering / elektrotechnika, elektronika, atomtechnika
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