Acta Mathematica, 1986

Acta Mathematica, 48 - 1986. ISSN 0236-5294


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1986 / 1-2. szám García-Lafuente, J. M.: On the embedding of -nuclear spaces into product of Banach spaces Yaqub, F. M.: A theorem on infinite distributivity for post L-algebras Jingcheng Tong: A decomposition of continuity Ustina, F.: The principle of localization for the (J, f(x,y)) means Bognár M.: Notes on the inaugural lecture delivered by Frederic Riesz in 1925 as rector of Szeged University Hermann T.: A note on (0,2) interpolation Rubinstein, Z.: An interpolation problem for real polynomials by their means between consecutive zeros Nieto, J. J. - Sree Hari Rao, V.: Periodic solutions of second order nonlinear differential equations Berman, D. L.: Neobhodimye i dostatočnye usloviâ shodimosti rasširennogo interpolâcionnogo processa ermita-Fejera v metrike Lp Malliah, C. - Bhatta, P.: A generalization of distributive ideals to convex sublattices Saxena, R. B. - Misra, S. R.: An everywhere divergent Hermite-Fejér type interpolation process of higher order Ntouyas, S. K.: On a boundary value problem for functional differential equations Gardner, B. J.: Radical theory for algebras with a scheme of operators Do Ba Khang: On the asymptotic regularity of nonexpansive mappings Mieloszyk, E.: Application of the operational calculus in solving partial difference equations Weißbach, B.: Zu einer Aufgabe von J. M. Wills Sivaraj, D.: Semihomeomorphisms Sárközy A. - Stewart, C. L.: On divisors of sums of integers. I Elbert Á. - Laforgia, A.: Some monotonicity properties of the zeros of ultraspherical polynomials Berkes I. - Dabrowski, A. - Dehling, H. - Philipp, W.: A strong approximation theorem for sums of random vectors in the domain of attraction to a stable law Kaczorowski, J. - Pintz J.: Oscillatory properties of arithmetical functions. I Kátai I. - Amer, M.: Multiplicative functions over the Gaussian integers with regularity properties Hegyvári N.: On consecutive sums in sequences Erdős P. - Sárközy A.: Problems and results on additive properties of general sequences. II Császár Á.: u-isomorphic semigroups of continuous functions Balog A. - Perelli, A.: Exponential sums over primes in short intervals Kátai I.: A correction to my paper "Multiplicative functions with regularity properties. I" 1986 / 3-4. szám Szabó S.: Nonequivalent splittings of abelian groups Yoneda, K.: Some properties of generalized measures on the dyadic group Singh, S. S. - Srivastava, R. K. - Ojha, R. P.: A classification of Kaehlerian manifolds satisfying some special conditions Thorpe, B.: Matrix transformations of Cesaro summable series Avdispahić, M.: On the determination of the jump of a function by its Fourier series Puri, M. L. - Ralescu, S.: Almost sure linearity for signed rank statistics in the non-i.i.d. case Szép Gabriella: Simultaneous triangularization of projector matrices Puczyłowski, E. R.: A note on almost nilpotent rings Berman, D. L.: K rasširennomu interpolâcionnomu processu Krylova-Štaermana Karagulân, G. A.: O processe usredneniâ funkcij ograničennoj variacii Katriňák, T. - El-Assar, S.: Algebras with Boolean and Stonean congruence lattices Ahobadze, T. I.: O nepreryvnosti funkcii mnogih peremennyh iz klassa obobsennoj ograničennoj variacii Nguyen Xuan Ky: On a Bohr type inequality Sengupta, A.: On a group-matrix type automaton with output Maksa Gy.: On completely additive functions Tandori K.: Bemerkung über die parweise unabhängigen zufalligen Größen Kátai I. - Amer, M.: Multiplicative functions over the Gaussian integers. II

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 48. (1986)
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