Acta Mathematica, 1986

Acta Mathematica, 47 - 1986. ISSN 0236-5294


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1986 / 1-2. szám Miccoli, Maria Maddalena: Bi-ideals in regular semigroups and in orthogroups Amin, I. A.: On a problem of Kaplansky Horváth L.: Strong approximations of renewal processes and their applications Sebestyén Z.: On the existence of certain semi-bounded self-adjoint operators in Hilbert space Fridli S.: Approximation by Vilenkin-Fourier sums Hang-Chin Lai: Duality of Banach function spaces and the Radon-Nikodym property Bognár M. - Kertész G.: On lineations Petz D.: Properties of the relative entropy of states of von Neumann algebras Daróczy Z. - Járai A. - Kátai I.: On functions defined by digits of real numbers Ruciński, A.: Random graphs of binomial type with sparsely-edged initial graphs Drobot, V.: On dispersion and Markov constants Salerno, S. - Troisi, M.: Embedding and compactness theorems for irregular and unbounded domains in weighted Sobolev spaces Berman, D. L.: K rasširennomu interpolâcionnomu processu ermita-Fejera Abbott, H. L.: On the Erdős-Straus non-averaging set problem Ricker, W.: Countable additivity of multiplicative, operator-valued set functions Tanović-Miller, N.: Strongly convergent trigonometric series as Fourier series Erdős P. - Varma, A. K.: An extremum problem concerning algebraic polynomials Iturrioz, Luisa: A representation theory for orthomodular lattices by means of closure spaces Sato, R.: An individual ergodic theorem for superadditive processes Lenkehegyi A.: A direct definition of distributive extensions of partially ordered algebras Monhor D.: An inequality for the Dirichlet distribution Vértesi P.: On the optimal Lebesgue constants for polynomial interpolation Ferrer, J. - Gregori, V.: On a certain class of complete regularity Schwartz, M.: New proofs of a theorem of Komlós Steinig, J.: A rule of signs for real exponential polynomials Joó I.: On the convergence of eigenfunction expansion in the norm of Soboleff spaces Császár Á.: RE-proximities Kátai I.: A remark on a theorem of H. Daboussi Körmendi S.: On some functions defined by the canonical expansion of complex numbers Benczur A.: On the expected time of the first occurrence of every k bit long patterns in the symmetric Bernoulli process Kis O. - Szabados J.: On some de la Vallée Poussin type discrete linear operators Komornik V.: On the equiconvergence of eigenfunction expansions associated with ordinary linear differential operators 1986 / 3-4. szám Aull, C. E.: Extending families of discrete zero sets Charatonik, J. J. - Miklos, S.: Local expansions on graphs and order of a point Jürgensen, H. - Shyr, H. J. - Thierrin, G.: Monoids with disjunctive identity and their codes Deo, S. - Krishan, R.: On compactly dominated spaces Komjáth P.: Comparing almost-disjoint families Carr, Donna M.: The structure of ineffability properties of Pxl Varma, A. K. - Vértesi P.: Saturation of an interpolatory polynomial operator Kátai I.: Distribution of digits of primes in q-ary canonical form Szabados J.: On the rate of convergence of a lacunary trigonometric interpolation process Benczur A. - Kátai I.: On the number of occurrences of sequence patterns Juhász I. - Yakovlev, N.: A normal connected left-separated space Szigeti F.: Necessary conditions for certain Sobol'ev spaces Sebestyén Z.: A moment theorem for contractions on Hilbert spaces Páles Zs.: Hölder-type inequalities for quasiarithmetic means

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 47. (1986)
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