Acta Mathematica, 1985

Acta Mathematica, 45 - 1985. ISSN 0236-5294


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1985 / 1-2. szám Niimura, M.: A theorem of Picard type Bruckner, A. - Haussermann, J.: Strong porosity features of typical continuous functions Székelyhidi L.: Regularity properties of polynomials on groups Székelyhidi L.: Regularity properties of exponential polynomials on groups Reilly, I. L. - Vamanamurthy, M. K.: On a-continuity in topological spaces Prasad, B. N.: On hypersurfaces of Finsler spaces characterized by the relation M=h Sands, A. D.: On almost nilpotent rings Khare, S. S.: (, ')-free bordisms, characteristic numbers and stationary point sets Hetzelt, L.: On suns and cosuns in finite dimensional normed real vector spaces Nicolas, J. L.: Distribution statistique de l'ordre d'un element du groupe symetrique Günttner, R.: On an interpolational process with applications to Fourier series Pamfilos, P.: On the maximum rank of a tensor product Dinh Quang Luu: Stability and convergence of amarts in Fréchet spaces Matolcsy K.: Syntopogenous spaces with preorder. IV (regularity, normality) Dette, W. - Meier, J. - Pintz J.: Bemerkungen zu einer Arbeit von Ingham über die Verteilung der Primzahlen Maeda, S.: On distributive pairs in lattices Kyung Tae Chung - Dae Ho Cheoi: A study on the relations of two n-dimensional unified field theories Borwein, D. - Thorpe, B.: Conditions for inclusion between Nörlund summability methods Alamatsaz, M. H.: A note on an article by Artikis Kovács Katalin: On the characterization of complex-valued multiplicative functions. II Herman T.: On the convergence of Hermite-Fejér interpolation Balog A.: On the distribution of p mod 1 Göndöcs F. - Michaletzky Gy.: Construction of minimal sufficient or pairwise sufficient -field Móri T. F.: Large deviation results for waiting times in repeated experiments Fridli S. - Simon P.: On the Dirichlet kernels and a Hardy space with respect to the Vilenkin system Gut, A.: Corrections to "complete convergence and convergence rates for randomly indexed partial sums with an application to some first passage times" 1985 / 3-4. szám Matolcsy K.: T3-closed extensions, systems of filters, proximities Pandey, P. N.: On birecurrent affine motions in a Finsler manifold Hoffman, P.: Note on a problem of Kátai Petrich, M.: Ideal extensions of rings Misra, A. K.: A note on arcs in hyperspaces Pal, B. K. - Mukhopadhyay, S. N.: The Cesaro-Denjoy-Pettis scale of integration Kobayashi, Y.: On 3-torsion free rings in which every cube commutes with each other Newman, D. J. - Shekhtman, B.: A Losynski-Kharshiladze theorem for Müntz polynomials Catino, F. - Migliorini, F.: On q-increasing elements in semigroups Dinh The Luc: Theorems of the alternative and their applications in multiobjective optimization Günttner, R.: A note on the approximation in C2 by linear polynomial operators Bucki, A. - Miernowski, A.: Almost r-paracontact connections Heimbeck, G.: Über eine Kennzeichnung der alternierenden Gruppe vom Grade 5 Császár Á.: T1-closed spaces Tzintzis, G.: Almost subidempotent radicals and a generalization of a theorem of Jacobson Edrei, A. - Erdős P.: Entire functions bounded outside a finite area Bognár M.: Extending compatible proximities Kátai I.: Multiplicative functions with regularity properties. V Nevai, P. - Vértesi P.: Divergence of trigonometric lacunary interpolation Fridli S.: On the modulus of continuity with respect to functions defined on Vilenkin groups Tandori K.: Über die Mittel von orthogonalen Funktionen. II Francsics G.: On the porous medium equations with lower order singular nonlinear terms Fejes Tóth L.: Densest packing of translates of a domain Leindler L. - Meir, A. - Totik V.: On approximation of continuous functions in Lipschitz norms Csörgő S. - Tandori K. - Totik V.: On the convergence of series of pairwise independent random variables Komornik V.: Some new estimates for the eigenfunctions of higher order of a linear differential operator

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 45. (1985)
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