Acta Mathematica, 1995

Acta Mathematica, 69 - 1995. ISSN 0236-5294


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1995 / 1-2. szám Erdős P. - Szabados J. - Vértesi P.: On the integral of the Lebesgue function of interpolation. II Leindler L. - Németh J.: On the connection between quasi power-monotone and quasi geometrical sequences with application to integrability theorems for power series Horváth Lajos - Shao, Qi-Man: Asymptotics for directed random walks in random environments Weisz F.: Interpolation between continuous parameter martingale spaces: The real method Dyachenko, M. I.: The rate ofu-convergence of multiple Fourier series Giang, Dang Vu - Móricz Ferenc: The Cesaro operator on the Banach algebra of L(R2) multipliers. III (even-odd case) Nikolskii, S. M.: Representation of functions of Besov class on manifolds by algebraic polynomials Joó I.: On hermite functions. II Triebel, H. - Winkelvoß, H.: The dimension of a closed subset of Rn and related function spaces Gasper, G. - Trebels, W.: On a restriction problem of de Leeuw type for Laguerre multipliers Gécseg F. - Imreh B.: On completeness of nondeterministic automata Csiszár I.: Generalized projections for non-negative functions 1995 / 3. szám Daróczy Z. - Maksa Gy.: Functional equations on convex sets Aganin, A. I. - Potapov, M. K.: On imbedding of function classes Hwf1,q1 into classes Ef2,q2 (l) Csörgő S.: An approximation to infinitely divisible laws Laczkovich Miklós: On the resultant of forces Schipp F. - Szili L.: Sidon-type inequatities for Legendre polynomials 1995 / 4. szám Nasri-Roudsari, D. - Nessel, R. J. - Zeler, R.: Resonance principles with applications to mean ergodic theorems and projection operators Ciesielski, Z.: Spline orthogonal systems and fractal functions Leindler L.: On the newly generalized absolute Cesaro summability of orthogonal series Butzer, P. L. - Gessinger, A.: The mean ergodic theorem for cosine operator functions with optimal and non-optimal rates Bassily, N. L. - Kátai I.: Distribution of the values of q-additive functions on polynomial sequences

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 69. (1995)
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