Acta Mathematica, 1995

Acta Mathematica, 67 - 1995. ISSN 0236-5294


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1995 / 1-2. szám Manstavičius, E.: Functional approach in the divisor distribution problems Kovács K. I.: Uniformly convergent representations of functions by rearranged Hermite-Fourier and Freud series expansions Goubin, L.: Sommes d'exponentielles a coefficients multiplicatifs et entiers sans grand facteur premier Pathak, H. K.: Fixed point theorems for weak compatible multi-valued and single-valued mappings Cilleruelo, J.: B2[g] sequences whose terms are squares Johnson, E. W. - Johnson, J. A. - Taylor, M. B.: Approximately Gorenstein lattices Nicholson, W. K. - Varadarajan, K.: Endomorphisms and global dimension Kita, H.: On an interpolation theorem of Hunt-Sjölin P. Horváth Ágota: Laguerre-tempered distributions and their expansions Xie, T. F. - Zhou, S. P.: A remark on approximation by monotone sequences of polynomials Ghandehari, M.: Sums of distances in normed spaces Deng, D.: Convergence rates for probabilities of moderate deviation for sums of random variables indexed byZ+d Choe, B. R. - Lee, Y. J.: A Luecking type subspace, dualities and Toeplitz operators Sands, A. D. - Yahya, H.: Graded varieties of graded rings 1995 / 3. szám Molnár L.: Conditions for a function to be a centralizer on an H*-algebra Candeal Haro, J. C. - Lai, H. C.: Multipliers in vector-valued function spaces under convolution Gajić, Ljiljana: On the common fixed point for two sequences of self-mappings in Menger spaces Alzer, H.: Note on an inequality for infinite series Abu-Khuzam, H. - Yaqub, A.: Commutativity of rings satisfying some polynomial conditions Pemba, J. P.: A set-theoretic characterization of a certain class of l2-saturated james type spaces Buczolich, Z.: Approximate continuity points of Derivatives of Functions of Several Variables Vértesi P.: Practically p-normal pointsystems Berkes I.: Lacunary sequences and conditional independence France-Jackson, H.: On the Tzintzis radical 1995 / 4. szám Min, G.: On mean convergence of Hermite-Fejér interpolation Császár Á.: Chain-complete screens Dekster, B. V.: Completeness and constant width in spherical and hyperbolic spaces Jaruszewska-Walczak, Danuta: The initial-value problem for first order partial differential-functional equations Dekster, B. V.: The Jung Theorem for spherical and hyperbolic spaces Sárközy G. N.: On sums with small prime factors Le Gac, B. - Móricz F. - Tandori K.: A new inequality of Menshov-Rademacher type and the strong law of large numbers

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 67. (1995)
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