Acta Mathematica, 1995

Acta Mathematica, 66 - 1995. ISSN 0236-5294


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1995 / 1-2. szám Nahum, R. - Zafrany, S.: Topological complexity of graphs and their spanning trees Joó I. - Su, N. V.: On the controllability of a string with restrained controls Joó I. - Szili L.: Weighted (0,2)-interpolation on the roots of Jacobi polynomials Harcos G.: On power sums of complex numbers whose sum is 0 Leindler, L.: General results on strong approximation by Cesaro means of negative order Darji, U. B. - Evans, M. J. - O'Malley, R. J.: First return path systems: Differentiability, continuity, and orderings Móricz F. - Rhoades, B. E.: Necessary and sufficient Tauberian conditions for certain weighted mean methods of summability Berend D. - Boshernitzan, M. D.: Numbers with complicated decimal expansions Hausel, T.: On a Gallai-type problem for lattices Noiri, T.: Properties of hyperconnected spaces Guessab, A.: A weightedL2 Markoff type inequality for classical weights Yahya, H.: Graded radical graded semisimple classes 1995 / 3. szám Kawada, K.: A Montgomery-Hooley type theorem for primek-tuplets Császár Á.: Cauchy structures in closure and proximity spaces Echandia, V.: Interpolation between Hardy-Lorentz-Orlicz spaces Sárközy A.: On the average value for the number of divisors of numbers of formab+1 Bavinck, H.: A direct approach to Koekoek's differential equation for generalized Laguerre polynomials Gyires B.: On determinantal and permanental inequalities 1995 / 4. szám Günttner, R.: On the norms of conjugate trigonometric polynomials Grätzer, G. - Schmidt, E. T.: A lattice construction and congruence-preserving extensions Mill, J. Van - Pol, R.: Baire 1 functions which are not countable unions of continuous functions Szabados J. - Varma, A. K.: On a convergent Pál-type (0,2) interpolation process Choi, E.-S. - Ki, U.-H. - Takano, K.: Sasakian manifolds with vanishing C-Bochner curvature tensor Bell, H. E. - Daif, M. N.: On derivations and commutativity in prime rings Zhengyan, Lin: On moduli of continuity for a two-parameter Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 66. (1995)
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