Acta Mathematica, 1994

Acta Mathematica, 65 - 1994. ISSN 0236-5294


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1994 / 1. szám Móricz F. - Su, Kuo-Liang - Taylor, R. L.: Strong laws of large numbers for arrays of orthogonal random elements in Banach spaces Boros Z.: On completely P-additive functions with respect to interval-filling sequences of type P Criscuolo, G. - Mastroianni, G.: Lagrange interpolation on generalized Jacobi zeros with additional nodes Császár Á.: Almost compact subspaces of hyperextensions Bognár M.: On pseudomanifolds with boundary. III 1994 / 2. szám Buczolich, Z.: Product sets in the plane, sets of the form A+B on the real line and Hausdorff measures Vértesi P.: Turán type problems on mean convergence. I (lagrange type interpolations) Dragomir, S. S.: A generalization of J. Aczél's inequality in inner product spaces Milnes, P.: Distal compact right topological groups Balog A. - Pelikán J. - Pintz J. - Szemerédi E.: Difference sets without -th powers Borwein, P. - Erdélyi T.: Markov and Bernstein type inequalities on subsets of (-1,1) and (-P, P) Czédli Gábor: Some lattice Horn sentences for submodules of prime power characteristic Császár Á.: Some remarks on S-closed spaces 1994 / 3. szám Biró A.: On a problem of Turán concerning sums of powers of complex numbers Albrecht, U. - Goeters, P.: Pure subgroups of A-projective groups Sun, X. H.: On problems of approximation in L2 spaces Vértesi P.: Turán type problems on mean convergence. II: Hermite-Fejér type interpolations Burton, T. A. - Makay G.: Asymptotic stability for functional differential equations Rosa, B. de la - Fong, Y. - Wiegandt, R.: Complementary radicals revisited Fuchs, L. - Pretorius, L. M.: On the quotients of countable direct products of modules modulo direct sums Zhong, L. - Zhu, L.: Convergence of interpolants based on the roots of Faber polynomials Kôno, N.: Nowhere differentiable functions constructed from probabilistic point of view Li, Xin: Ranges of polynomials with curved majorants Noiri, T.: Semi-normal spaces and some functions 1994 / 4. szám Günttner, R.: Note on the lower estimate of optimal Lebesgue constants Fejzić, H.: On approximate Peano derivatives Bognár M.: Uniform embedding of Abelian topological groups in Euclidean spaces Kita, H. - Yoneda, K.: On quasi f(L)*-a.e. convergence of Fourier series of functions in Orlicz spaces Pintér Á.: On a Diophantine problem concerning Stirling numbers Császár Á.: Simultaneous extensions of Cauchy structures Ruzsa I. Z.: Generalized arithmetical progressions and sumsets Melissen, J. B. M.: Optimal packings of eleven equal circles in an equilateral triangle Tan, K.-K. - Yu, J. - Yuan, X.-Z.: Note on -saddle point and saddle point theorems Giang, D. V. - Móricz F.: The strong summability of Fourier transforms Davidov, J. - Muškarov, O.: Correction to the paper "On the Riemannian curvature of a twistor space"

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 65. (1994)
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