Acta Mathematica, 1993

Acta Mathematica, 62 - 1993. ISSN 0236-5294


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1993 / 1-2. szám Prestin, J.: Lagrange interpolation for functions of bounded variation Varma, A. K.: On Birkhoff quadrature formulas. II Chandra, P.: A note on the degree of approximation of continuous functions Similarity and isometric equivalence ofLp-nests Mathur, K. K. - Saxena, R. B.: Weighted (0,1,3) interpolation on the zeros of Hermite polynomials Bokhari, M. A.: A note on certain next-to-interpolatory rational functions Goldberg, V. V.: On (n+1)-subwebs of an (n+1)-web and local algebras associated with them Phong, B. M.: Multiplicative functions satisfying a congruence property. V Powell, C. H. - Wade, W. R.: Paley sets and term by term dyadic differentiation of Walsh series Kirchhoff, N. - Nessel, R. J.: Convolution processes of Fejér type and the divergence almost everywhere of a pointwise comparison Blasco, J. L. - Sanchis, M.: On the product of two bf-spaces Kirchheim, B.: Some further typical results on bounded Baire one functions Grubb, D. J.: Dirichlet sets in Vilenkin groups Indlekofer, K.-H.: The abstract prime number theorem for function fields Tulyaganova, M. I. - Fainleib, A. S.: On the density of prime vectors in lattices Zahedani, H. Z.: A gelfand-Neumark theorem for commutative semifinite rank J*-algebras Joó I.: Note on multiplicative functions satisfying a congruence property. II Herzog, J.: Weak asymptotic formulas for partitions free of small summands. II Tkačenko, M. G.: On cardinal invariants of continuous images of topological groups 1993 / 3-4. szám Garrido, M. I. - Montalvo, F.: On some generalizations of the Kakutani-Stone and Stone-Weierstrass theorems Fabrykowski, J.: A note on sums of powers of complex numbers Whelan, E. A.: Direct sum decompositions of conformal rings Gyires B.: On the matrix valued exponentially convex, totally positive functions and sequences Stanek, S.: On a class of five-point boundary value problems in second-order functional differential equations with parameter Mathur, K. K. - Saxena, Anjula: Odd degree splines of higher order Cieślak, W. - Koshi, S. - Zając, J.: On integral formulas for convex domains Joó I.: Notes to my paper "on the convergence of eigenfunction expansions in the norm of Soboleff spaces" Yeung, H. F.: The size of the middle summands in partitions into distincts-th powers Bregvadze, D. V.: On the (C,-1<A<0,-1<B<0)- summability of single and double orthogonal series Emmanuele, G.: Precompactness in the space of Pettis integrable functions Rosa, B. de la - Stewart, P. N.: On the maximal Kurosh-Amitsur model for the Wedderburn-Artin radical Dorea, C. C. Y. - Miasaki, E. S.: Asymptotic test for independence of extreme values Shi, Y. G.: New answers to Problem 24 of P. Turán Stepanauskas, G.: The local behaviour of some additive functions Cabrerizo, J. L. - Fernández, L. M. - Fernández, M.: The curvature of submanifolds of an S-space form Zięba, W.: Some special properties of conditional expectation Burton, A. P. - Smith, P.: Isoperimetric inequalities and areas of projections in Rn Naulin, R.: A result concerning bounded solutions of linear systems of differential equations

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 62. (1993)
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