Acta Mathematica, 1984

Acta Mathematica, 44 - 1984. ISSN 0236-5294


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1984 / 1-2. szám Hiremath, V. A.: Copure submodules Wickless, W. J.: Projective classes of torsion free abelian groups. II Kulenović, M. R. S.: Maintenance of oscillatory and asymptotic behaviour of solutions of differential inequalities under the effect of advanced and mixed argument Pöschel, R.: Hereditary radicals and quasiradicals in universal algebras Petrushev, P.: Relations between rational and spline approximations Veldsman, S.: A categorical approach to largest and smallest connectednesses and disconnectednesses Szabó S.: A bound of k for tiling by (k, n) crosses and semi-crosses Komornik V.: An equiconvergence theorem for the Schrödinger operator Czédli G.: Mal'cev conditions for Horn sentences with congruence permutability Kátai I.: Multiplicative functions with regularity properties. IV Brindza B.: On S-integral solutions of the equation ym=f(x) Tandori K.: Über die Mittel von orthogonalen Funktionen Garay B. M.: Metrization and Liapunov functions. II Balog A. - Sárközy A.: On sums of sequences of integers. II 1984 / 3-4. szám Lowen-Colebunders, Eva: On composition closed function classes Mauclaire, J. L. - Murata, L.: On a characterization of some arithmetical multiplicative functions Goetgheluck, P.: Landau-type inequalities for functions defined on a bounded interval. Application to functions of several variables Sivaraj, D.: A note on S-closed spaces Vasudeva, R.: Chover's law of the iterated logarithm and weak convergence Mhaskar, H. N.: On the domain of convergence of series in polynomials orthogonal with respect to general weight functions on the whole real line Nieminen, J.: On Kmub-lattices and convex substructures of lattices and semilattices Mullen, G. - Stevens, H.: Polynomial functions (mod m) Sato, R.: On local properties of k-parameter semiflows of nonsingular point transformations Duong Thuy Vy: A family of fourth order iterative methods for solving nonlinear operator equations Nadj, Djerdji F.: The Gauss, Codazzi and Kühne equations of Riemann-Otsuki spaces Singh, S. S. - Srivastava, R. K.: Decomposable Kaehler manifolds Holub, J. R.: On perturbation of operators with complemented range Ruiz De Velasco, C. - Torres, M.: The second centre of a wreath product of groups Matolcsy K.: Syntopogenous spaces with preorder. II (continuity) Matolcsy K.: Syntopogenous spaces with preorder. III (separation) Komornik V.: On the equiconvergence of expansions by Riesz bases formed by eigenfunctions of a linear differential operator of order 2n Győrvári J.: Lakunäre Spline-Funktion und das Cauchy-Problem Pintz J.: A note on the distribution of primes in short intervals Balog A. - Sárközy A.: On sums of sequences of integers. III Bogmér A.: A simple proof for an inequality Laczkovich Miklós: Differentiable restrictions of continuous functions B. Szendrei Mária: A note on the proof of the main theorem in "strong subband-separating extensions of orthodox semigroups" Joó I.: Note on my paper "a simple proof for von Neumann's minimax theorem" Révész Sz. Gy.: Note on a problem of Q. I. Rahman and P. Turán Garay B. M.: Metrization and Liapunov functions. III Hermann T.: On Hermite-Fejér type interpolation Kovács Katalin: On the characterization of complex-valued multiplicative functions. I Stachó L. L.: Zeros of Schroedinger eigenfunctions at potential singularities Kroó A.: Some theorems on best L1-approximation of continuous functions

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 44. (1984)
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