Acta Mathematica, 1991

Acta Mathematica, 58 - 1991. ISSN 0236-5294


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1991 / 1-2. szám Argyros, I. K.: On the approximate solutions of non-linear functional equations under mild differentiability conditions Sakai, R.: The degree of approximation of differentiable functions by Hermite interpolation polynomials Borges, C. R.: A note on dominated spaces Minh, N. V. - Nhung, T. V.: Attractors of systems close to autonomous ones having a stable limit cycle Groenewald, L.: On the means of the argument of the Riemann zeta-function on the critical line Mohanty, S. P.: Which triangular numbers are products of three consecutive integers? Pokorný, I.: On Darboux functions in honorary Baire class two León, M. de - Méndez, Isabel - Salgado, M.: Integrable p-almost tangent manifolds and tangent bundles of p1-velocities Loi, N. H.: On the equiconvergence of the riesz means with exact order Echandia, V.: Interpolation between dyadic Hardy spaces Hp: The complex method Wickeren, E. van: Weighted simultaneous approximation by algebraic projection operators Angelos, J. - Kaufman, E., Jr. - Lenker, T. - Henry, M. S.: Bounds for extended lipschitz constants Shelah, S.: Strong negative partition relations below the continuum Szabó Gy.: -Orthogonally additive mappings. I Kovács B.: Representation of complex numbers in number systems Indlekofer, K.-H. - Kátai I.: Multiplicative functions with small increments. III Szabados J. - Varma, A. K.: On higher order Hermite-Fejér interpolation in weighted Lp-metric Császár Á.: General absolutes of topological spaces Bogmér A. - Horváth M. - Sövegjártó A.: On some problems of I. Joó Horváth M.: Some saturation theorems for classical orthogonal expansions. II Gát Gy.: Orthonormal systems on Vilenkin groups Joó I.: On the distribution of the set{ni=1iqi: i{0,1},nN} Móricz F.: On L1-convergence of Walsh-Fourier series. II Kátai I.: On the number of prime factors of ((n)) 1991 / 3-4. szám Parnami, J. C.: Interval filling sequences and completely additive functions Günttner, R.: On the uniform approximation by generalized Bernstein-means Akhlaghi, M. R.: A Pál-type lacunary interpolation problem Beattie, M. - Stewart, P.: Graded radicals of graded rings Abu-Khuzam, H.: Commutativity results for periodic rings Baron, S. - Tietz, H.: Umkehrsätze für Riesz-Verfahren zur Summierung von Doppelreihen Ciesielski, K. - Larson, L.: The space of density continuous functions Clay, J. R.: Convolution rings of multiplications of an abelian group Wang, K.: On the unique existence of almost periodic solutions of Volterra integro-differential equations Davidov, J. - Muskarov, O.: On the Riemannian curvature of a twistor space Erdős P. - Horváth M. - Joó I.: On the uniqueness of the expansions 1 = Sg-ni Kátai I.: Multiplicative functions with regularity properties. VI Kroó A. - Schmidt D.: A Haar-type theory of best uniform approximation with constraints Tandori K.: Über die Banach-Eigenschaft von Matrizen Pintz, J.: On an assertion of Riemann concerning the distribution of prime numbers

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 58. (1991)
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