Acta Mathematica, 1984

Acta Mathematica, 43 - 1984. ISSN 0236-5294


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1984 / 1-2. szám Yoneda, K.: Wiener's Tauberian theorems for generalized measures defined on the dyadic field Charatonik, J. J. - Charatonik, W. J.: Inverse limits and smoothness of continua Suliński, A. - Watters, J. F.: On the Jacobson radical of associative 2-graded rings Deo, S. - Shukla, R. A.: On cohomological dimension and the sum theorems Mařík, J.: Derivatives and closed sets O'Malley, R. J. - Weil, C. E.: Selective, bi-selective, and composite differentiation Sebestyén Z.: Dilatable operator valued functions on C*-algebras Vukman, J.: On irreducible operator *-algebras on Banach spaces Pande, H. D. - Pandey, J. P.: On the three-dimensional Finsler spaces with T-tensor of a special form Feigelstock, S.: On a problem of F. A. Szász Gupta, V.: A generalization of strongly regular rings Faour, N. S.: The spectrum of a class of singular integral operators Catino, F.: A-right congruences and a classification of orthogroups Joó I.: On the summability of eigenfunction expansions. I Weinert, H. J.: On quasi-ideals in rings Dinh Van Huynh: On the fissility of semiprimary rings Kátai I.: Multiplicative functions with regularity properties. II Gardner, B. J.: Simple rings whose lower radicals are atoms Vértesi P.: Divergence of Lagrange interpolation on a set of second category Berkes I.: Gaussian approximation of mixing random fields 1984 / 3-4. szám Markett, C.: Norm estimates for (C,D) means of Hermite expansions and bounds for deff Komjáth P.: Families close to disjoint ones Yoneda, K.: On generalized uniqueness theorems for Walsh series Totik V.: Saturation for Bernstein type rational functions Evans, M. J. - Larson, L.: The continuity of symmetric and smooth functions Kátai I.: Multiplicative functions with regularity properties. III Ceder, J.: On globs Gardner, B. J.: Small ideals in radical theory Kuroki, N.: On B*-pure semigroups Betke, U. - Gritzmann, P.: Über L. Fejes Tóths Wurstvermutung in kleinen Dimensionen Henry, M. S. - Swetits, J. J.: Limits of strong unicity constants for certain C functions Bruckner, A. M. - Petruska G.: Some typical results on bounded Baire 1 functions Ruzsa I. Z.: On measures of intersectivity Kirkovits, Magdalen Sz.: Equivalent problems in the calculus of variations whose fundamental functions involve second-order derivatives Matolcsy K.: Syntopogenous spaces with preorder. I (Convexity) Nagy P. T.: Note to "On bundle-like conform deformation of a Riemannian submersion"

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Hungarica, Volume 43. (1984)
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