Acta Mathematica, 1981

Acta Mathematica, 38 - 1981. ISSN 0001-5954


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1981 / 1-4. szám Hainzl, J.: On commuting linear partial differential operators Cornish, W. H. - Stewart, P. N.: Direct and subdirect decompositions of universal algebras with a Boolean orthogonality Srivastava, K. B.: Proof of Jackson's theorem for differentiablie functions. II Baudisch, A.: Subgroups of semifree groups Schoißengeier, J.: On the discrepancy of sequences (ans) Schmidt E. T.: On finitely projected modular lattices Kaya, A. - Koc, C.: Semicentralizing automorphisms of prime rings Asaad, M.: On the supersolvability of finite groups. I Gardner, B. J.: A remark on strict radical classes of groups le Roux, H. J. - Heyman, G. A. P. - Jenkins, T. L.: Essentially closed classes of rings and upper radicals Rossa, R. F.: Radicals of rings and subrings Leeuwen, L. C. A. van - Wiegandt R.: Semisimple and torsionfree classes Berman, D. L.: Ustojčivost' kvadraturnyh formul Gaussa-Âkobi i neustojčivost' shodimosti v srednem interpolâcionnogo processa Lagranža pri rasširenii matricy uzlov interpolirovaniâ Bosbach, B.: Concerning bricks Krall, A. M.: The Bessel polynomial moment problem Pandey, P. N.: On decomposability of curvature tensor of a Finsler manifold Joó I. - Lažetič, N.: Estimate for the difference of the second derivative of partial sums arising by non-negative selfadjoint extensions of Sturm-Liouville operators Müller-Pfeiffer, E.: Über die Kneser-Konstante der Differentialgleichung (-d)mu+q(x)u=0 Goodenough, S. J. - Mills, T. M.: Asymptotic estimates for quasi-Hermite-Fejér interpolation Sárközy A.: On additive representations of integers. II Móricz F.: On Walsh series with coefficients tending monotonically to zero Szabó S.: On mosaics consisting of multidimensional crosses Laczkovich Miklós - Petruska G.: Remarks on a problem of A. M. Bruckner Legiša, P.: Groups of Banach space isometries Tran Trong Hue: The topological characterization of allowable partitions of the class of unequivocal rings Stewart, P. N.: Quasi-ideals in rings Bair, J.: A geometric description of the inner aperture of a convex set Davey, B. A. - McCarthy, M. J.: A representation theory for the variety generated by the triangle Tkačenko, M. G.: Examples of connected left-separated spaces and topological groups Erdős P. - Vértesi P.: Correction of some misprints in our paper

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 38. (1981)
Subjects: Q Science / természettudomány > QA Mathematics / matematika
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