Acta Mathematica, 1980

Acta Mathematica, 35 - 1980. ISSN 0001-5954


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1980 / 1-2. szám Lippman, G. E. - Wade, W. R.: Pseudofunctions and uniqueness on the group of integers of a p-series field Kersner R.: O povedenii temperaturnyh frontov v sredah s nelinejnoj teploprovodnost'u pri naličii pogloseniâ. II Vértesi P.: Lagrange interpolation for continuous functions of bounded variation Sanderson, D. E.: Criteria for constancy of functions with almost totally disconnected range or domain Nagy B.: Residually spectral operators Widiger, A.: A remark on restricted serial rings Kollár J.: The category of unary algebras containing a given subalgebra. II Gardner, B. J.: Extending commutativity results to alternative rings Kaufman, R.: On the approximation of lacunary series by Brownian motion Katona G. O. H.: Continuous versions of some extremal hypergraph problems. II Szabó Z. I.: Finslersche Projektivgeometrie. I : Eine Globale Begründung der Finslerschen Projektivzusammenhänge Szabó Z. I.: Finslersche Projektivgeometrie. II : Über Finslersche Projektivbündel mit Weylscher Projektivkrümmung Null Gróf J.: Über Approximation durch Polynome mit Belegungsfunktion Leindler L.: New sequels of a problem of Alexits Campbell, S. L. - Faulkner, G. D.: Operators on Banach spaces with complemented ranges Lex, W. - Poneleit, V. - Weinert, H. J.: Über die Einzigkeit der Ternionenalgebra, und linksalternative Algebren kleinen Ranges Schmüdgen, K.: Two theorems about topologies on countably generated Op*-algebras Totik V.: On the strong approximation of Fourier series Page, S.: Orthogonality in modules Choy, S. T. L.: On Riesz representation theorem Takahashi, S.: The functional central limit theorem for lacunary trigonometric series Khan, R. A.: Some probabilistic methods in the theory of approximation operators Mader, W.: Über ein graphentheoretisches Ergebnis von T. Gallai Laczkovich Miklós: Functions with measurable differences Dula, G.: The interchanging sequence between tensor, tor and homology Yang, K.-W.: The reflexive dimension of an R-space Erdős P. - Kátai I.: On the maximal value of additive functions in short intervals and on some related questions Kroó A.: The Lipschitz constant of the operator of best approximation Hauptfleisch, G. J. - Loonstra, F.: Correction to our paper "On modules over rings of type (n, k)" 1980 / 3-4. szám Kamont, Z.: On the Cauchy problem for non-linear systems of partial differential-functional equations of the first order Krätzel, E. - Menzer, H.: Asymptotische Entwicklung von Integralen mit zwei Parametern Weinert, H. J.: Multiplicative cancellativity of semirings and semigroups Szabó I.: Rees matrix semigroups with 4-dimensional sandwich matrices Frankl P.: Families of finite sets with prescribed cardinalities for pairwise intersections Móricz F.: Exponential estimates for the maximum of partial sums. II (Random fields) Sallay M.: Über Hermite-Fejérsche Interpolation Schmid, J.: Tensor products of distributive lattices and their Priestley duals Golumbic, M. C. - Perl, Y.: The edge inducibility of graphs Tran Trong Hue - Szász F.: On the radical classes and the transfree-images of rings Balázs Catherine: Approximation in L2-space by interpolatory type operators Kis O.: O nekotoryh metodah približeniâ funkcij Bleimann, G. - Stark, E. L.: Kernels of finite oscillations and convolution integrals Noiri, T.: Properties of S-closed spaces Szendrei Mária B.: Strong subband-separating extensions of orthodox semigroups Gróf J.: Negative Beantwortung einer Approximationsfrage Czédli G.: Which distributive lattices have 2-distributive sublattice lattices? Pandey, P. N.: A recurrent Finsler manifold with a concircular vector field

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 35. (1980)
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