Acta Mathematica, 1979

Acta Mathematica, 34 - 1979. ISSN 0001-5954


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1979 / 1-2. szám Linhart, J.: Kantenkrümmung und Umkugelradius konvexer Polyeder Assem, I. A. - Chehata, C. G. - El-Gendy, M.: Limits of bifunctors into a category Belna, C. L. - Evans, M. J. - Humke, P. D.: Symmetric monotonicity Richoux, A.: On a commutivity theorem of Luh Erickson, R. V. - Quine, M. P. - Weber, N. C.: Explicit bounds for the departure from normality of sums of dependent random variables Khalili, S.: Independently scattered measures Grande, Z.: Sur le prolongement des fonctions Feigelstock, S. - Klein, A.: A functorial approach to near-rings Bell, W. C.: Two theorems on absolutely continuous set functions Abian, A. - Salbany, S.: Dyadic matrices and Wallman compactification Vértesi P.: Hermite-Fejér type interpolations. III Tandori K.: Gewisse Abschätzungen über beschränkte orthonormierte Systeme Mehta, M. L.: On f-representation of real numbers Weiss, R.: Elations of graphs Daróczy Z. - Járai A.: On the measurable solution of a functional equation arising in information theory Lempert L.: A note on mapping polydiscs into balls and vice versa Bognár M.: Continuous paths and homology Rychlik, Z.: Martingale random central limit theorems Berkes I. - Philipp, W.: An a.s. invariance principle for lacunary series f(nkx) Kersner R.: O povedenii pri t rešenij vyroždausihsâ kvazilinejnyh paraboličeskih uravnenij Fejes Tóth G.: Multiple packing and covering of spheres Babai L. - Frankl P.: Isomorphisms of Cayley graphs. II Kroó A.: On the uniform modulus of continuity of the operator of best approximation in the space of periodic functions Florian, A. - Hárs L. - Molnár J.: On the q-systems of circles 1979 / 3-4. szám Assem, I. A. - Chehata, C. G. - El-Gendy, M.: The Hom and tensor functors with mixed limits Berkes I.: A remark on Strassen's theorem Young, N. J.: Matrices which maximise any analytic function Pham Ngoc Anh: Über die Struktur linear kompakter Ringe. II Chajda, I.: The extension property of orderings Felzenszwalb, B.: On the commutativity of certain rings Chung, L. O. - Luh, J.: Conditions for elements to be central in a ring Vértesi P.: q-normal point systems Ceder, J. - Laczkovich Miklós - Petruska G.: On a problem about Darboux points Pálfy P. P.: On regular pronormal subgroups of symmetric groups Mercer, A. McD.: An approximation to the Fourier transform Ruzsa I.: A pseudonorm for unbounded transformations Balázs Catherine: On an extremal problem connected with the fundamental polynomials of interpolation Garay B. M.: On controllably periodic perturbations of autonomous functional differential equations Győri E. - Kostochka, A. V.: On a problem of G. O. H. Katona and T. Tarján Anderson, T. - Wiegandt R.: Weakly homomorphically closed semisimple classes Schmidt E. T.: Remark on generalized function lattices Bell, H. E.: The 3-centre and commutativity theorems Bajmóczy E. G. - Bárány I.: On a common generalization of Borsuk's and Radon's theorem

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 34. (1979)
Subjects: Q Science / természettudomány > QA Mathematics / matematika
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