Acta Mathematica, 1978

Acta Mathematica, 32 - 1978. ISSN 0001-5954


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1978 / 1-2. szám Noiri, T.: On functions with strongly closed graphs Cornish, W. H. - Hickman, R. C.: Weakly distributive semilattices Iyahen, S. O.: The range space in a closed graph theorem Haf, H.: Meromorphe Zweige von Lösungen bei asymptotisch linearen Operatorgleichungen Blasco, J. L.: Two problems on kr-spaces Lee Sin-Min: On the constructions of local and arithmetic rings Hickman, R. C.: Distributivity in semilattices Rosenberger, G.: Eine analytische Kennzeichnung einer Klasse diskreter Gruppen und ihrer Riemannschen Flächen Mohammed, I. B.: Some properties of matrix of coefficients in Block's multiplication table of the simple modular Lie algebras of Block type Szeto, G.: Classical algebras of quotients and central quotients of algebras Trotter, P. G.: Ideals in Z(x, y) Travis, C. C. - Webb, G. F.: Cosine families and abstract nonlinear second order differential equations Ahlswede, R. - Katona G. O. H.: Graphs with maximal number of adjacent pairs of edges Makai E., ifj.: The isomorphisms of the category of uniform spaces and related categories Szalay M. - Turán P.: On some problems of the statistical theory of partitions with application to characters of the symmetric group. III Frankl P.: An extremal problem for 3-graphs Petz D.: On a problem of D. Newman Hermann T.: On the Szász-Mirakian operator Győry K.: On polynomials with integer coefficients and given discriminant. V Erdős P. - Szabados J.: On the integral of the Lebesgue function of interpolation 1978 / 3-4. szám Kröger, H.: Periodizitätsverhalten Boole'scher Differenzengleichungen Vasudeva, R.: A log log law for Abel's sum Chakrabarti, P. S.: On properties of Peano derivates Renteln, M. von: Topologische Nullteiler und endlich erzeugte Ideale in gewissen Algebren holomorpher Funktionen Govaerts, W.: E-compactness and continuous function spaces Böröczky K.: Packing of spheres in spaces of constant curvature Benabdallah, K. - Bradley, R.: Sur les groupes quasi-p-purs-projectifs Abbott, H. L. - Liu, A. C.: The existence problem for colour critical linear hypergraphs Fisher, B.: Mappings on metric spaces Misra, R. B. - Meher, F. M. - Kishore, N.: On a recurrent Finsler manifold with a concircular vector field Blundon, W. J.: A nine-fold packing Nešetřil, J. - Rödl, V.: The structure of critical Ramsey graphs Kersner R.: O nekotoryh svojstvah obobsennyh rešenij kvazilinejnyh vyroždausihsâ paraboličeskih uravnenij Kroó A.: On the continuity of best approximations in the space of integrable functions Vértesi P.: Hermite-Fejér type interpolations. I Filippov, V. V. - Úry L.: A theorem on relative universal spaces with given weight and dimension Somorjai G.: On a saturation problem

Item Type: Journal
Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 32. (1978)
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