Acta Mathematica, 1977

Acta Mathematica, 30 - 1977.


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1977 / 1-2. szám Sőler, F.: r2-variétés a connexion affine Ramachandra, K.: On the frequency of Titchmarsh's phenomenon for Z(s). II Rishel, T. W.: Links and products in countably compact and M-spaces Bosbach, B.: Concerning joins of equational classes of Burnside groups Światak, H.: Existence and regularity problems for nonlinear functional equations Johnson, J. A.: Maximal elements and completions of Noether lattices Sitaraman, Y. - Swaminathan, V.: Tauberian theorems for the family F(a,q) of summability methods Suryanarayana, D. - Subrahmanyam, P.: The maximal k-free divisor of m which is prime to n. I Podewski, K.-P. - Steffens, K.: Über Translationen und den Satz von Menger in unendlichen Graphen Grande, Z.: Sur les suites transfinies Schneider, H.: The Birkhoff-Egerváry-Kőnig theorem for matrices over lattice ordered abelian groups Robinson, D. A.: A special embedding of Bol loops in groups Kaiser, H. K.: Über kompatible Funktionen in universalen Algebren Esterle, J.: Solution d'un probleme d'Erdős, Gillman et Henriksen et application a l'étude des homomorphismes de C (K) Longnecker, M. - Serfling, R. J.: General moment and probability inequalities for the maximum partial sum Nguyen Xuan Ky: On application of the duality principle for the approximation by spline functions in Lp-spaces Szabó I.: On a class of lattice-ordered semigroups Somorjai G.: On the density of quotients of lacunary polynomials Sárközy A.: Some remarks concerning irregularities of distribution of sequences of integers in arithmetic progressions. IV Kátai I.: On consecutive primes Kátai I.: On the sum of digits of primes Kroó A.: The continuity of best approximations 1977 / 3-4. szám Rice, M. D.: Composition properties in uniform spaces Hoischen, L.: Wachstumseigenschaften und Konvergenzfaktoren für verallgemeinerte Potenzreihenverfahren der Limitierung Harui, H.: Decompositions of injective modules over non-noetherian rings Fawzy, T.: Spline functions and the Cauchy problems. IV : On the stability of the method Kathal, P. D. - Holland, A. S. B. - Sahney, B. N.: A class of continuous functions and their degree of approximation Ayoub, Christine W.: Conditions for a ring to be fissile Blair, W. D.: A remark on a paper of Fuchs and Szele Lovász L.: A homology theory for spanning tress of a graph Milman, M.: Embedding of rearrangement invariant spaces in Lorentz spaces Preuß, W.: Remark to the embedding of an operational calculus based on the L(t)-transformation in a field of transformable operators Wade, W. R.: Sets of uniqueness for Haar series Bantegnie, R.: Etalements cristallographiques Kiss E. W.: On modular right ideals of a ring Halász G.: Localizing the Lozinski-Harshiladze theorem on projections into the space of trigonometric polynomials Kroó A.: Differential properties of the operator of best approximation Alexits G. - Schipp F.: On the absolute convergence of certain function series Freud R.: On certain types of conditions characterizing additive arithmetical functions Szendrei Ágnes: Torsion theories in affine categories Frankl P.: An intersection problem for finite sets

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 30. (1977)
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