Acta Mathematica, 1974

Acta Mathematica, 25 - 1974.


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1974 / 1-2. szám Berney, E. S.: A chaotic space Anderson, T.: A note on strong radicals Bokowski, J. - Wills, J. M.: Eine Ungleichung zwischen Volumen, Oberfläche und Gitterpunktanzahl konvexer Mengen imR3 Shum, K.-P.: On the boundary of algebraic radicals in topological semigroups Shendge, G. R.: Finite systems of functional differential inequalities and minimax solutions Stewart, P. N.: On the lower radical construction Klippert, J.: On the uniform convergence of trigonometric interpolating polynomials to functions in the classCT*(w) Alder, M. D.: Syntopogenous spaces Lakatos L.: Obobsenie teoremy ob analitičeskom vide harakteristik obobsennyh odnolinejnih sistem massobogo obsluživaniâ dlâ odnogo tipa prioritetnyh sistem Popov, V. A.: On the rational approximation of functions of the class Vr Vértesi P. O. H.: On certain linear operators. VII : A summary from new point of view. Estimations for mechanical quadratures Halász G.: On Taylor series absolutely convergent on the circumference of the circle of convergence. III Babai L.: A remark on contraction of graphs with given group Escalante, F. - Gallai T.: Note über Kantenschnittverbände in Graphen Freud G.: On estimations of the greatest zeroes of orthogonal polynomials Freud G.: Extension of the Dirichlet-Jordan convergence criterion to a general class of orthogonal polynomial expansions Névai G. P.: Zamečaniâ ob interpolirovanii Névai G. P.: A new proof of the Riemann's localization principle Joó I.: Stable interpolation on an infinite interval Szabados J.: On some interpolatory procedures based on the roots of unity Popov, V. A. - Szabados J.: On a general localization theorem and some applications in the theory of rational approximation Vértesi P. O. H.: On certain linear operators. VIII Petruska G. - Laczkovich Miklós: Baire 1 functions, approximately continuous functions and derivatives Freud G.: An estimate of the error of Padé approximants Pelikán J.: Finite groups with few non-linear irreducible characters 1974 / 3-4. szám Csörgő S.: On limit distributions of sequences of random variables with random indices Betke, U. - Löber, M. - Overhagen, T.: Zum Wertebereich einer diophantischen Approximations-Funktion Porter, J. R.: Strongly Hausdorff spaces Ng, C. T.: On the measurable solutions of the functional equation Winthrop, J.: A homological characterization of large subgroups Gardner, B. J.: Some remarks on radicals of rings with chain conditions Carlitz, L. - Scoville, R.: Enumeration of permutations by rises, falls, rising maxima and falling maxima Sands, A. D.: On the factorisation of finite abelian groups. III Makkouk, A.: On metrizability of countably compact spaces Makkouk, A.: On pseudocompact and perfectly normal spaces Wynn, P.: Extremal properties of Padé quotients Albu, T. - Năstăsescu, C.: Modules arithmétiques Faudree, R. J. - Schelp, R. H.: Path connected graphs Hart, N.: Two parallel relative homological algebras Lakatos L.: Obobsennaâ odnolinejnaâ prioritetnaâ sistema massobogo obsluživaniâ s neučetom do preryvaniâ raboty Greenwell, D. - Lovász L.: Applications of product colouring Névai G. P.: Lokal'nye teoremy o shodimosti interpolâcionnogo processa Lagranža s uzlami v kornâh mnogočlenov ermita Kis O.: Issledovanie odnogo interpolâcionnogo processa. I Makai E.: An integral inequality satisfied by Bessel functions Vértesi P. O. H.: On the divergence of interpolation processes on sets having positive measure Veidinger L.: On the order of convergence of a finite element scheme Morley, M.: A remark on a paper by Abian Névai G. P.: On summability of Fourier transforms Tandori K.: Weitere Bemerkungen über das Maximum von Teilsummen orthogonaler Reihen Révész P.: A law of the iterated logarithm for weakly multiplicative systems and its applications Petruska G.: Separation and approximation theorems on derivatives Baranyai Zs.: On the optimality of a simple prefix code Vértesi P. O. H.: Supplement to my paper "On certain linear operators. VIII"

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