Acta Mathematica, 1971

Acta Mathematica, 22 - 1971.


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1971 / 1-2. szám Baron, G.: Asymmetrische reguläre Graphen. II Glivjak, F. - Plesník, J.: On the impossibility to construct certain classes of graphs by extensions Daróczy Z.: On the measurable solutions of a functional equation Móricz F.: On divergence and absolute convergence of series arising from strongly multiplicative orthogonal functions Sen, Kanwar: Distribution of crossings in restricted paths Sen, Kanwar: Paths crossing two and three lines Gallai T.: Signierte Zellenzerlegungen. I Kis O. - Vértesi P. O. H.: On certain linear operators. I Falconer, E.: Isotopes of some special quasigroup varieties Kis O.: Zamečaniâ o pogrešnosti trigonometričeskogo (0-2)-interpolirovaniâ Szász F.: Äquivalenzrelation für die charakterisierung des jacobsonschen radikals Leindler L.: On fourier series with positive coefficients Lee, M. A.: A note on bounded primary groups Freud G.: On two polynomial inequalities. I Vértesi P. O. H.: On the convergence of the trigonometric (O, M) interpolation Vértesi P. O. H.: Notes on the convergence of (0, 2) and (0, 1, 3) interpolations Endl, K.: Der Müntzsche Satz beim Übergang vom unendlichen zum endlichen Intervall Iqbalunnisa: Note on first isomorphism theorem in lattices Vértesi P. O. H.: On the convergence of Hermite-Fejér interpolation Hart, N.: Determining groups from endomorphism rings for Abelian groups modulo bounded groups Šajn, G. M.: Simmetričeskaâ polugruppa preo’’raeovanij pokryvaetsâ svoimi inversnymi podpolugruppami Kis O.: Ocenka otkloneniâ časthyh summ râda fur’e Császár Á.: On approximation theorems for uniform spaces Losonczi L.: Subhomogene Mittelwerte Rao, B. V.: On discrete Borel spaces Kannappan, P. L. - Baker, J. A.: A functional equation on a vector space Hanna, A. - Yaqub, F. M.: Duality in modules over principal ideal domains Motohashi, Y.: On the distribution of prime numbers which are of the form “x2+y2+1” Luh, J.: A commutativity theorem for primary rings Tandori K.: Über die absolute Summierbarkeit der Orthogonalreihen Lovász L.: On finite Dirichlet series Vértesi P. O. H.: Hermite-Fejér interpolation based on the roots of Hermite polynomials Wolke, D.: On the large sieve with primes Kiss I.: A characterization of semigroups with identity element Vértesi P. O. H.: On certain linear operators. II Alexits G. - Sharma, A.: On the convergence of multiplicatively orthogonal series 1971 / 3-4. szám György Hajós 1912-1972 Mani, P.: On polytopes fixed by their vertices Erdős P. - Simonovits M.: An extremal graph problem Beck, A. - Bleicher, M. N.: Packing convex sets into a similar set Grillet, Mireille Poinsignon: On semirings which are embeddable into a semiring with identity Manna, N. C. - Mukhopadhyay, S. N.: On approximate derivates and their properties Thierrin, G.: Ideaux a droite maximaux d'un anneau Simon, U.: Pseudogeodätische Linien auf Flächen Cutler, D. O.: Completions of topological Abelian p-groups Farkas M.: Controllably periodic perturbations of autonomous systems Spencer, J.: Minimal scrambling sets of simple orders Hickin, K. K. - Wenzel, J. A.: On the normal product of FC-nilpotent and FC-hypercentral groups Poorten, A. J. Van Der: On a theorem of S. Dancs and P. Turán Sharp, H.: Enumeration of transitive, step-type relations Lawver, D. A.: Concerning nil groups for near-rings Schneider, R.: Zwei Extremalaufgaben für konvexe Bereiche Müller-Pfeiffer, E.: Notwendige und hinreichende Bedingungen für die Diskretheit des Spektrums Sturm-Liouvillescher Operatoren Alo, R. A.: A proof of the complete normality of chains Leindler, L.: On cosine series with positive coefficients Müller, W. B.: Über direkte Zerlegungen von Erweiterungsringen Rao, S. B. - Rao, A. Ramachandra: The number of cut vertices and cut arcs in a strong directed graph Misra, R. B. - Meher, F. M.: A SHR-Fn admitting an affine motion Lustig, M.: On isotone and homomorphic maps of ordered unary algebras Marty, R. H.: m-adic spaces Feigelstock, S.: On the nilstufe of the direct sum of two groups Moór A.: Über Finslerräume von zweifach rekurrenter Krümmung

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 22. (1971)
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