Acta Mathematica, 1970

Acta Mathematica, 21 - 1970.


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1970 / 1-2. szám Talalân, . .: Predstavlenie funkcij klassov Lp(0, 1), 0<p<1 Alpár L.: Généralisation d'un théoreme de Wiener et de Lévy Ionescu, D. V.: Introduction a la théorie des „fonctions spline” Rényi A.: On the enumeration of search-codes Fenyő I.: Über die Funktionalgleichung f(a0+a1x+a2y+a3xy)+g(b0+b1x+b2y+b3xy=h(x)+k(y) Garsia, A. M. - Greenhall, Ch. A.: Positive orthonormal systems Leviatan, D. - Lorch, L.: The Gibbs phenomenon and Lebesgue constants for regular [J,f(x)] means Kahane, J.-P.: Sur certains ensembles de Salem Mandelbrojt, S.: Un exemple dans la théorie du prolongement analytique d'une série de Dirichlet Berens, H.: On the saturation theorem for the Cesaro means of Fourier series Hajós G. - Heppes A.: On a special kind of polyhedra Csörgő M. - Fischler, R.: Departure from independence: The strong law, standard and random-sum central limit theorems Alo, R. A. - Shapiro, H. L.: Paracompact subspaces Warne, R. J.: nI-bisimple semigroups Kátai I.: On an application of the large sieve: Shifted prime numbers, which have no prime divisors from a given arithmetical progression Szász F. - Wiegandt R.: On the duality of radical and semi-simple objects in categories Gołab, S. - Gawrylczyk, I. - Jakubowicz, A. - Pudelewicz, M.: Über die Induzierbarkeit des affin-zusammenhängenden Raumes der Bivektoren Gray, W. J.: A partition theorem for collections of universal subcontinua Björk, J.-E.: On quasimodular maximal left ideals of primitive rings generated by their minimal left ideals Bickel, P. J.: A Hajek-Rényi extension of Lévy's inequality and some applications Langer, H.: Über die Methode der richtenden Funktionale von M. G. Krein Abian, A.: A short proof of Stone's theorem Halász G.: On the average order of magnitude of Dirichlet series Kaufman, R.: Fractional dimension and the Borel-Cantelli lemma 1970 / 3-4. szám Mrówka, S.: Structures of continuous functions. I Mrówka, S.: R-spaces Djoković, D. Ź.: Isomorphism problem for a special class of graphs Fajnlejb, A. S.: Lokal’nye teoremy s ostatočnym členom dlâ odnogo klassa arifmetičeskih funkcij Makkai, M.: Structures elementarily equivalent relative to infinitary languages to models of higher power Péter Rózsa: Die Pairschen freien Binoiden als Spezialfälle der angeordneten freien holomorphen Mengen Csörgő M.: On a law of iterated logarithm for strongly multiplicative systems Lediaev, J. P.: Relationship between Noether lattices andx-systems Peetre, J.: Concave majorants of positive functions Johnson, E. W. - Lediaev, J. P.: Quasi-noetherianx-systems Chvátal, V.: On finite -systems of Erdős and Rado Tijdeman, R.: On an inequality of P. Turán Lovász L.: A remark on Menger's theorem Erdős P. - Hajnal A.: Some results and problems on certain polarized partitions Bleyer, A.: On continuous endomorphisms of Mikusinski's operator field Halász G. - Turán P.: On the distribution of roots of Riemann zeta and allied functions. II Benabdallah, K. M. - Eisenstadt, B. J. - Irwin, J. M. - Poluianov, E. W.: The structure of large subgroups of primary abelian groups Pair, C. - Quere, A.: Sur les fonctions recursives primitives de ramifications Lovász L.: A generalization of Kónig's theorem Kounias, E. G.: A note on Rademacher's inequality Weinert, H. J.: Extension of partial orders on a semigroup to semigroups of quotients Rédei L. - Lee, Anna: The matrix equation Ak=E (aij>=0) over a strict partially ordered integral domain

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Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 21. (1970)
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