Acta Mathematica, 1968

Acta Mathematica, 19 - 1968.


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1968 / 1-2. szám Neuman, F.: Relation between the distribution of the zeros of the solutions of a 2nd order linear differential equation and the boundedness of these solutions Guy, R. K. - Milner, E. C.: Graphs defined by coverings of a set Eilhauer, R.: Zur Theorie der Halbkörper. I Bhargava, T. N. - Ahlborn, T. J.: On topological spaces associated with digraphs Chatterjea, S. K.: Operational results connected with some classical polynomials Lovász L.: On chromatic number of finite set-systems Murty, U. S. R.: On some extremal graphs Bollobás B.: A problem of the theory of communication networks Szabados J.: Rational approximation in certain classes of functions Leindler L.: On a problem of strong summability of Fourier series Szabados J.: Structural properties of continuous functions connected with the order of rational approximation. II Bambah, R. P. - Woods, A. C.: On the minimal density of maximal packings of the plane by convex bodies Sreehari, M.: A limit theorem for the maximum of cumulative sums Kemperman, J. H. B.: Idempotent signed measures on a discrete group Querré, J.: Plus grand groupe image homomorphe et isotone d'un monoide ordonné: Caractérisations des anneaux «Clos» Grillet, P. A.: Translations and congruences in lattices Ghosal, A.: Some remarks about the duality relation in queues Monk, G. S.: One-sided ideals in the endomorphism ring of an Abelian p-group Szász G.: Halbgruppen, deren Elemente durch Primideale trennbar sind Gol'dberg, A. A.: O raspredelenii značenij celoj funkcii po argumentam Freud G.: Über starke Approximation mit Hilfe einer Klasse von Interpolationspolynomen Erdős P. - Hajnal A. - Milner, E. C.: On sets of almost disjoint subsets of a set Steinfeld O.: Eine Charakterisierung der primitiven Ideale eines Ringes 1968 / 3-4. szám Clay, J. R.: The group of left distributive multiplications on an Abelian group Krauss, P. H.: Representation of conditional probability measures on Boolean algebras Steinfeld O.: Primelemente und Primradikale in gewissen verbandsgeordneten algebraischen Strukturen Harary, F. - Palmer, E. M.: On the point-group and line-group of a graph Tandori R.: Bemerkung zur starken Summation der Fourierreihen Ruzsa I.: Ein neues formales System der deontischen Logik Rotman, B.: On the comparison of order types Ennola, V.: On the greatest common divisor of two values of a polynomial Bambah, R. P. - Woods, A. C.: On minimal density of plane coverings by circles Wiegandt R.: Radical and semi-simplicity in categories Halász G.: Über die Mittelwerte multiplikativer zahlentheoretischer Funktionen Fiala, F.: Standard-Ultrantifilter im Verband aller Komponenten einer l-Gruppe Erdős P. - Turán P.: On some problems of a statistical group-theory. IV Turner, R. E. L.: An extremal problem Kátai I.: Some problems on the iteration of multiplicative number-theoretical functions Patterson, E. M.: Modules for pseudo-rings

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Publisher: Akadémiai Kiadó
Additional Information: Acta Mathematica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 19. (1968)
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