Acta Physica, 1974

Acta Physica, 37 - 1974.


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1974 / 1-2. szám L. Fjustes: Raszcset tecsenijá parpezsenyih gazob b cilindricseszkih trubkah metodom sztatiszticseszkih iszpitányij Y. V. Rao: Correlation Coefficients for Higher Order Differences in Multiple Scattering I. Kirschner - K. Martinás - R. Tőrös: Total Entropy Density of a General Superconductor G. Peinel - D. Klöpper: Spin-Unrestricted APSG-Wellenfunktionen und ihre Anwendung zur Berechnung von 13C-1H-Kernspin-Kopplungskonstanten I. Mayer: On the Derivation of the Extended Hartree-Fock Equations I. A Simple Derivation Using Specified Variations C. Reale: Thickness and Temperature Dependence of the Critical Magnetic Field of Thin Superconducting Films of the Aluminum Group Metals I. Montvay: Statistical Bootstrap of Nonspherical Fireballs I. Montvay: Models for the Statistical Decay of Fireballs B. G. Verma: Determination of Flow Field behind Magnetogasdynamic Spherical Blast Wave under the Influence of Viscosity S. V. Olsen: A Natural Mode of Quantization J. Bakos - V. Gy. Ovszjányikov - L. P. Rapoport: Vlijánie vinuzsgyennih rezonansznih perehodov na verojátnoszt mnogofotonnoj ionizacii atoma J. Bakos: Resonance Phenomena in the Multiphoton Ionization of Excited Atoms L. D. Raigorodski: On Variational Principles and Generalized Equations of Inertial-Gravitational Field Z. Awwad - A. Abdel-Haliem - M. R. El-Aesser: Lifetimes of 2+ and 4+ States in 168,68Er G. Fái: On the Use of the Oscillator Approximation in Nuclear Physics Communicationes Breves B. J. Choudhury: Ohoto-Detachment of Electron in U2 Center by Multiphoton Absorption Jürgen W. Weil: Zur Überlagerung von Schwankungen verschiedener Zeitkonstanten - Ein Ansatz D. Klöpper: A Formula for the Calculation of the Nuclear Spin Coupling Constant C. Bojarski - J. Domsta: Comments on the Theory of the Influence of Concentration on the Luminescence of Solid Solutions Y. K. Sharma - V. K. Sharma: Thermal Noise in the Radial Flow of Current in the Insulator Recensiones 1974 / 3. szám R. Cavalheiro - M. M. Shukla: Extended de Launay Model Study of Lattice Dynamics of Alkali Metals Tran huu Phat: Theory of Weak Interaction without Divergencies P. Rennert: A Survey on Exchange Potentials in Atoms and Solids T. H. Youssef - G. Grais: Work-Hardening of Polycrystalline Iron under Combined Tensila Torsion Deformation T. Keszthelyi - K. L. Nagy: On the Probability Interpretation Problem of Soluble Models with Complex Elementary Particle Masses Á.Kiss: On the Role of the Cross Section Normalization in the Conclusions Drawn from the Coupled-Channel Collective Model Analysis of the Inelastic Scattering Experiments Communicationes Breves J. C. Byrne - R. R. Burman: Proca Electrodynamics and "Tired Light" W. Yourgrau - J. F. Woodward: Tired Light, Lorentz Covariance and Conservation Principles Recensiones 1974 / 4. szám J. N. Das - A. N. Konar: Relativistic Corrections to Charge Transfer Scattering F. Birnstock - D. Klöpper: Integrals over GTOs Useful in the Calculation of nmr Shielding Constants P. Singh: Hydromagnetic Free Concection Oscillatory Flow B. Pődör - N. Nádor: The Lattice Limited Mobility of Electrons in GaAs P. R. Fontana - R. P. Srivastava: Crossing and Anticrossing Signals from Li7 F. Deák - S. Gueth - P. Kálmán - Á. Kiss: Investigation of the 3/2+ 770 keV Short-lived Isomeric State of 51Cr Excited by 14.7 MeV Fast Neutrons P. Szépfalusy - L. Sasvári: Application of the 1/n Expansion to the Critical Dynamics of a Model for Structural Phase Transitions B. N. Misra - S. K. Gupta: Temperature Variation of Relaxation Time in Free Radical Complexes L. Jánossy: Aspects of the Two-Body Treatment of the H-Atom Communicatio Brevis A. Banerjee - U. K. De: Charged Dust Cylinder in General Relativity Recensiones

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