Acta Physica, 1974

Acta Physica, 36 - 1974.


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1974 / 1. szám J. Bitó - I. Bolla: Die metastabilen Atome in den raumladungfreien Dunkelentladungen I. Mayer: On the Derivation of the Hartree-Fock Equations. III. Introduction of the LCAO Formalism Navil A. Eissa - I. Demeter - L. Keszthelyi - G. Mezey - Z. Szőkefalvi-Nagy - L. Varga: Hyperfine Field at Au Nuclei in Fe0.5Au0.5 Alloy T. Sztaricskai - E. Barutcugil - T. Scharbert - G. Pető: Experimental Set-Up for the Measurement of Prompt Gamma Rays Resulting from Interactions of 14.5 MeV Neutrons L. Gútai: An Analytical Solution of the Problem of Spreading Resistance in a Quasi-Isotropic Solid P. Boschán: Hartree-Fock Calculations for Nuclei in f 7/2 Shell P. Boschán: Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov-Type Calculations for Even-Even Calcium Isotopes M. Kertész - S. Suhai - J. Ladik: PPP DODS Crystal Orbital Calculation of Polyene, Polyformamide, Polycytosine and Poly(s-Triazine) Z. Bay - J. A. White: The Speed of Light and the New Meter Communicationes Breves H. Weyerer: Zum Interferenzproblem Y. Thomas: Sur le caractére quantique de la dilatation thermique des solides Recensiones 1974 / 2. szám S. N. Dube - S. Bhattacharya: Fluctuating Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid Past an Infinite Flat Plate with Uniform Suction J. P. Lebrun: U(6,6) Dualized Quark Model Predictions for Low Energy PiPi and PiN Scattering I. Kirschner: Flux Creep Dynamics of the Quasi-Elastically Bound Vortices in Type II Superconductors Uma Basu - Lokenath Debnath: On Unsteady Non-Newtonian Flows in a Rotating System I. R. G. Lovas: Model Calculations for Form and Spectroscopic Factors in Stripping to Resonant States A. Ménes - D. Berényi: Study of the Background Spectrum by a 20 cm3 Ge(Li) Detector P. Boschán - E. Elbaz: A Simple Method to Calculate Two-Body Oscillator Matrix Elements Communicatio Brevis Zs. Csoma: Quelques remarques á un modéle de dynamique pontctuelle pour la mécanique ondulatoire Recensiones 1974 / 3. szám Mazen Abdel-Salam - M. Khalifa: Considering Space Charge in Calculations of Monopolar DC Corona Loss Pranay Kumar Chaudhuri: Some Problems of Plane-Strain in a Non-Homogeneous Isotropic Cylinder B. G. Verma: Propagation of Explosion Waves in Stellar Interiors Sudhansu Kumar Chandra: Secular Free Solution up to Third Order of the Nonlinear Equation V2Phi-1/c2phi-omega20/c2phi+2v/c2phi+phi3=0 A. L. Choudhury: Multichannel Processes in V- and VOi-Sectors in an Extended Lee Model A. L. Choudhury: Multichannel Processes in VN- and VV-Sectors in an Extended Lee Model T. Salamon: Michelson and Fabry-Perot Interferometers with Light Sources of Gaussian and Lorentzian Spectral Distribution B. R. Rathna: An Initial Value Method for the Solution of the Magnetohydrodynamic Flow Past a Flat PLate L. V. Kotova - T. Vörös: Application of Harrison's First-Principle Pseudopotential Method for Semiconductors I. Calculation of Form Factors L. V. Kotova - E. V. Galaktionov - V. E. Khartsiev - T. Vörös: Application of Harrison's First-Principle Pseudopotential Method for Semiconductors II. Calculation of Energy Band Structures I. Tamássy-Lentei - J. Szabó: Polynomial (Non-Exponential) Wave Functions in Calculations for Heteronuclear Molecular Systems R. Gáspár - A. Jucys - J. Glembockis - J. Petkevicius: Quantum Numbers and the Universal Potential for Ionised States Recensiones 1974 / 4. szám G. Hoffmann - M. Németh-Sallay - J. Schanda: Optical Investigation of the Si-SiO2 System G. I. Georgiev: Szvjázannie dvuhmagnonnie szosztojányijá v anizotropij szpinovoj szepocske sz vzaimogyejsztviem pervih i vtorix blizsájsih szoszegyej G. Nagarajan - Z. Singh: Quantum Mechanical Studies of Atomic, Bond, and Molecular Polarizabilities: Application to Molecules Having Four to Eight Residual Atomic Polarizability Degrees of Freedom J. Cunningham: Approximate Production Amplitudes without Complex Singularities Z. Singh - G. Nagarajan: Spectroscopic Studies of Vbrational Constants, Statistical Thermodynamics, and Quantum Mechanical Studies of Polarizabilities for the Difluorides of Oyxgen and Sulfur B. Pődör: Electron Scattering in Cadmium Sulphide Crystals

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Additional Information: Acta Physica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 36. (1974)
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