Acta Physica, 1974

Acta Physica, 35 - 1974.


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1974 / 1-4. szám Z. Kunszt: Constraints Given by the Atmospheric Neutrino-Induced Muon Flux on the Neutrino-Nucleon Interactions at High Energies L. Szalay - E. Tombácz - G. S. Singhal: Effect of Solvent on the Absorption Spectra and Stokes' Shift of Absorption and Fluorescence of Chlorophylls J. D. G. McWhirter - B. L. Moiseiwitsch: Virial Theorems for the Scattering Amplitude Sz. L. Mandelsman: O poljapizagyii izlucsenija rentgenovszkij vszpisek na szolnce R. W. Field - H. Lefébvre_Brion: On the Effective Spin-Spin Constants of Some States of Diatomic Molecules. Application to the CO Molecule I. Ketskeméty - L. Kozma: Some Remarks Concerning the Theory of Quasistationary Dye Lasers P. Pacher: Fine Structure of Septet States in Diatomic Molecules, the X7Sum+ State of MnH D. A. Ramsay - C. Zauli: Rotational Analysis of the O-O Band of the First Singlet Pi*-n System of cis Glyoxal-d1 A. Ádám - F. Deák - J. Kecskeméti - P. Koncz - G. Pálla: Excitation of 32S and 56Fe by Inelastic Scattering of 14.1 MeV Neutrons T. Török - L. Papp: Methode zur schnellen oszilloskopischen Bestimmung des photographischen Profils von Spektrallinien I. Nagy - L. Pál: Thermoelectric Power and Electrical Resistivity of Some Ni-Based Alloys Near the Curie Point L. Bozóky - J. Nagl - J. G. Haider: Consideration of Factors for the Determination of the Absorbed Dose from Exposure Measurements in the Beam of 60Co Teletherapy Units A. S. Szalay - G. Marx: Limit on the Rest Masses from Big Bang Cosmology B. Gyönyör: A Low-Background Beta Counting Arrangement L. Jánossy: The Hydrodynamical Model of Wave Mechanics IX. The Self Interaction of a System A. Lagerqvist - I. Renhorn: A Singlet-Triplet Perturbation in the Band Spectrum of SiO Janina Legendziewicz - Krystyna Bukietynska - Boguslawa Jezowska-Trzebiatowska: The Spectroscopy and Structure of Some Lanthanide Chlorides in Amide Solutions V. J. Stasiukaitis - K. M. Eriksonas - A. P. Jucys: The Extended Method of Calculation as a Correction to the Ordinary Method for the Atomic Systems of Transition Elements P. Szimova - I. Kurov: Potencialnyie bareri pereorientacii i ih szvjáz szo sztroenyiem molekul i sz mezsmolekuljárnmi szilami v raznyih fazivih szosztojányijáh G. Turchányi - M. Mátrai - J. Janszky - I. Tarján: Experimental Data on the Dislocation Electric Field in Alkali Halides I. Tamássy-Lentei - J. Szaniszló: Calculation of the Proton Affinity of Several Small Molecules by the FSGO Method R. Gáspár: Statistical Exchange for Electron in Shell and the Xalfa Method G. Varsányi - E. Baitz - F. Billes - A. Grofcsik - G. Horváth - G. Jalsovszky - G. Keresztury - Á. Kiss - S. Szőke - L. Sztraka - A. Tóth: Spectroscopic Structure Investigations on Heterocyclic Compounds R. F. Barrow - K. K. Yee: The 3Sum- Ground States of the Group VI-VI Molecules, O2, SO, TE2 O. J. Orient: Ion Swarm Analysis in Electric Field with the Transport Equation K. G. Kidd - R. N. Jones: Anharmonic Resonance in the C=O Stretch Band of Caclopentanone A. Kastler: Macroscopic Models and the Molecular Reality L. Láng: Spectroscopical Investigation of Light Scattering Systems

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Additional Information: Acta Physica Academiae Scientiarum Hungaricae, Tomus 35. (1974)
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